Russian Government’s Deputy Minister Shvetsov Pavel reached India, praised G-20

Recently, G20 meeting was held in the country’s capital Delhi. Due to the Russian President not attending this meeting, many questions were being raised at the international level regarding the relationship between Russia and India, but after a few days, a senior minister of the Russian government is on a visit to India.

The delegation of Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors of about 22 universities of Russia held an important meeting to explore the possibility of employment of Indian students in Russia. The Russian delegation held a round table meeting with the delegations of the top ten universities of the country, IIT Delhi, JNU, Delhi University, Jamia-Millia, in which discussions were held about starting many programs like research, diploma etc. for students jointly between India and Russia universities. .

Deputy Minister of the Russian Government Shvetsov Pavel along with the delegation of the Russian University attended the ceremony organized at the Russian Culture Center in Delhi. 22 universities of Russia announced 100% scholarship program for 500 students in different colleges. These 22 universities are from those areas of Russia where the shadow of Russia-Ukraine war is not far away. In the education fair organized for the session 2024-25, emphasis is being laid on the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Finance, MBA, MBBS, Tourism for the students.

When the Russian Minister was asked a question on the circumstances of the Russia-Ukraine war, he said that there is no war anywhere but it is a military operation being conducted by Russia. This has no impact on India-Russia relations. We are pursuing the goal of the G20 meeting hosted by India in recent times, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, through peace.

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