Viral Video: When kicking and punching started on live TV in Pakistan, watch this viral video

Pakistan Viral Video: A video from Pakistan is becoming increasingly viral on social media on which people are taking a dig. The viral video is said to be from a private news channel of Pakistan in which two panelists from opposing parties are seen fighting. People are continuously sharing this video of live TV debate on social media and giving their feedback on it. Suddenly both the leaders are seen in the video arguing with each other and kicking and punching each other.

What is seen in this viral video

In the video which is viral on social media, it is seen that a debate is going on on live TV, some people are sitting in the panel. The camera focuses on two people who are engaged in an argument with each other. Within no time this debate turns into a fight. The person sitting next to him gets so angry that he slaps the person in front of him, after which the other person also stands up and waves his hand. There is a fierce fight between the two and they start beating each other with kicks and punches.

attempt to intervene

It is seen in the viral video that after the fight between these two panelists, people sitting nearby immediately become active and try to intervene. However, both the people did not seem to want to leave each other. This scene of fighting continues for a long time. Eventually a young man catches the person who was assaulting him and takes him away.

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