In Bihar, crocodiles and bears are carrying out deadly attacks, leopards and tigers also camped there, going out in search of prey at night.

These days, news of attacks by wild animals is continuously coming from different places in Bihar. There is news of crocodile attack every day. At some places, a bear is coming to the residential area and injuring people, while sometimes a leopard is coming and hunting. Now the tiger has knocked in West Champaran and has taken a prey in the village. A cow was killed by a tiger. The shepherd somehow escaped.

The tiger camped..

A cow was killed by a tiger at 6:00 am on Friday on the banks of Pandai river near Sisai High School, next to Parsa Sisai village of Manguraha range of Valmiki Tiger Project in West Champaran. While the shepherd narrowly escaped. Panic has spread among the villagers regarding the incident. Ranger Sunil Kumar Pathak said that the villagers are being alerted. Do not take cattle to areas where tigers are camping. Forest personnel are keeping an eye on the area. Efforts are being made to send the tiger towards the forest.

The tiger attacked and killed the cow.

Regarding the incident, it is said that Shambhu Yadav, a resident of Sisai village, was going from the village towards Purba Pandai river to graze his cow and buffalo in the morning. Meanwhile, suddenly the tiger came out of the sugarcane field and attacked the cow and killed it. When Shambhu Yadav looked back after hearing the sound of cow screaming, he became very scared. The people of the village were informed about this and with the help of the villagers, the forest area officer was informed. As soon as the forest area officer Sunil Kumar Pathak received the information, he immediately reached the spot along with the forest workers and came to know about the incident. Ranger Sunil Kumar Pathak said that all the process for compensation has been completed and appropriate compensation will be given in time. There is a lot of panic among the villagers of Parsa, Sisai, Bairatawa, Manitola, Gaunaha regarding the incident.

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The crocodile said attack..

Movement of wildlife in the areas adjacent to Valmikinagar forest area has now become a very common thing. Late last Wednesday evening, Pramila Devi, a resident of Thadhi village of Lakshmipur-Rampurwa Panchayat, had gone towards the paddy field. Suddenly a crocodile attacked him. The crocodile caught the woman badly. The crocodile chewed his foot. When she got injured and started making noise, people ran towards her. Seeing the people, the crocodile left the woman and entered the field. Kunti Devi, a resident of Rampur Naya village of Laukaria police station of Bagaha, went to the railway track adjacent to her house to defecate on Wednesday night. Suddenly a crocodile came out of the pit and badly chewed one leg and hand of the woman. The woman’s condition was serious.

The bear attacked the farmer…

The fear of bears has also increased in Bettiah. Recently a bear attacked a farmer. VTR Forest Division: A bear suddenly came out with its cub from the forest near Chhotka forest of Raghiya forest area. The bear attacked the farmer and bit him badly. The farmer called people for help and some people came running in that direction. The villagers saw that the bear was scratching the farmer badly. People immediately chased away the bear with sticks and took the farmer to the hospital. The farmer’s eye also got injured due to the bear attack. This attack also happened on Wednesday itself.

Leopard hunted..

A leopard strayed from Valmiki Tiger Reserve and reached the residential area last Monday. When the people of Vishunpurva village of Piprasi police station area saw this leopard on the embankment, there was panic. The leopard was hiding in the sugarcane field. Some people had also made a video of it. The leopard came out to hunt at night and entered a hut in the village of Piprasi Panchayat. He killed two goats. The cattle herder somehow survived. It was told that when the goat started making noise, the cattleman came out. He saw that the leopard ran away into the field with the goat. People found bones scattered on the road. Let us tell you that these animals are entering residential areas every day, which is becoming a matter of concern for the people.

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