Jharkhand filmmaker Niranjan Kujur’s film ‘Teere Bendho Na’ will be screened at the International Film Festival.

Young filmmakers of Jharkhand Niranjan Kujur ‘Tere Bendho Na’ short film will be screened at the 21st International Film Festival: Science of the Night, Paris, France. This festival will run from 29 October to 5 November 2023. The film has been selected in the Focus India category. The Dutch College, House of Argentina and House of India of the City Internationale Universitaire de Paris (International University City of Paris) are hosting the 21st edition of the Sciences de Nuit International Film Festival from September 29 to October 8, 2023. ‘Teere Bendho Na’ will be shown at House of India on 3 November 2023 at 10 pm.

Story of ‘Teere Bendho Na’

The director and screenwriter of the short film ‘Teere Bendho Na’ is Niranjan Kujur. Whereas, its story writer and cinematographer is Joydeep Bhowmik. Its editor is Jyoti Ranjan Nath. Story of the short film: Their daughter Urmi is diagnosed with heart complications at her school’s annual health camp. Horipodo struggles to repair his relationship with his wife, who has already left him. Niranjan said about this, the character of Horipodo is based on that one person in every family who struggles to get respect, to get love but does not really know how to function in this world, due to which people leave him. Or fool him. ‘Teere Bendho Na’ is based on a real incident that came to us in the form of a clipping from a local Bengali newspaper a few years ago. Despite the dramatic quality of the story, the film’s approach is kept realistic and minimalist.

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Know about Film Festival: Science of the Night Mahotsav

The 21st International Film Festival: Science of the Night presents films and audiovisual works from all horizons and in many forms. They have the ability to experiment with new aesthetic languages, while being interested in various topics and problems of our contemporary societies. The purpose of the festival and the films it promotes is to establish global connections that avoid the simplistic effects of mass media. The proposed compositions present original works in several artistic fields: sound, musical composition, image, movement, rhythm, text, space and light. Their goal is not only aesthetic, but also to enable communication and understanding between audiences of different origins by exposing them to diverse and sometimes strange cultural spaces. We would say that this could be “engaged cinema”.

Jharkhand’s young filmmaker Niranjan Kujur

It is noteworthy that Jharkhand’s young filmmaker Niranjan Kujur’s film ‘Edpa Kana’ made in Kudukh language has been awarded the National Award for Best Audiography in the non-feature film category. Niranjan Kujur, resident of Lohardaga district of Jharkhand, is a director and screenwriter. Till now Niranjan has made films in Kudukh, Hindi, Bengali and Santali languages. Recently Niranjan has made a short film ‘Teere Bendho Na’ in Bengali, which has been shown in IDSFFK and SiGNS Film Festival of Kerala.

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