This is Tamil Nadu’s first female tribal pilot MM Jayashree.

Devendra kumar

Seeing the Air Force’s fighter planes and small planes used for defense training circling in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, a little girl was so impressed that she decided in her childhood that she just wanted to become a pilot. Finally, after nearly two decades, his dream has come true. This is the success story of 27 year old MM Jayashree, resident of Kothagiri, Tamil Nadu. Jayashree’s story is special because she is the first female tribal pilot of Tamil Nadu. Kurukuti is a small village near Kothagiri region of Tamil Nadu. A very quiet green area, away from the crowd and noise. A tribal woman named Jayshree living here has taken flight with her dreams. 27 year old Jayashree has created history by becoming the first female tribal pilot of Tamil Nadu. Surprisingly, Jayshree is also the first pilot of her community. Jayashree, who belongs to the Badga tribal community, has had to face a lot of struggle to reach this position. There were many obstacles in her path to achieve this goal, but she remained steadfast. Its result is in front of everyone today.

I wanted to become a pilot since childhood.

Jayashree was born in Kurukuti near Kothagiri in Nilgiri district. His father J Mani was a retired village administrative officer, while mother Meenamani was a musician. There are many tribal villages in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, in which girls study less. Despite this, Jayashree’s parents left no stone unturned in educating their daughter. Jayshree did her early studies from Kothagiri only. During that time, he enjoyed watching the Air Force fighter planes and small planes used for defense training flying in the Nilgiri Hills. After this he decided that he wanted to become a pilot.

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But, there was no one in his village to tell him what one had to study to become a pilot. So, he left his childhood dream for some time and enrolled in Master in Computer Science and Engineering in a college in Coimbatore. Then she worked in an IT company and became a business analyst. During this time he mastered machine learning and data analytics.

Dreams took flight in Corona

However, everything was going well in Jayshree’s life. I was getting a high salary from my IT job, but my dream of becoming a pilot was almost shattered. Meanwhile, Corona brought an opportunity in his life. In fact, after the nationwide lockdown, she returned to her home and started doing her work from home. Initially, working from home seemed great, but he did not like being confined to four walls. During this time he realized that this job was not for him. Then he discovered his passion. Initially, when she told her family that she wanted to take flying training abroad, everyone opposed her decision. At the same time, Jayshree remained adamant on her point. In the end his family also had to bow to his insistence.

Enrolled in African flying school

Jayshree left her IT job and started working as a teacher at Wellington Army Public School near Coonoor. In 6 months he learned about the intricacies of aviation. After this he applied to Ulkan Aviation Institute of South Africa. During this time, relatives and people from the neighborhood scolded his parents a lot. Relatives often taunted that what was the need to spend so much money to send the girl abroad. Despite this, Jayshree did not listen to anyone and took a flight to Johannesburg. At the Aviation Institute, he worked hard to realize his dream and successfully completed this rigorous training. As a pilot, he circled in the sky for 70 hours. Also flew for about 250 hours to obtain a commercial pilot license. She was successful in obtaining a commercial pilot license. In this way, she has become the first young woman of Badaga tribe to achieve this feat.

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Jayashree teaches needy children in her spare time.

Jayashree, the first young female pilot of the Badaga tribe, has also been actively participating in social work. In her spare time during her IT job, she joined the U&I Trust and was spreading the flame of education among the needy children in the tribal villages of Nilgiri Hills. She used to teach English and Math to children. She also provided training in Artificial Intelligence to school children and college students. She believes that even though she has become a pilot today, she will continue to be associated with such activities in future also.

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