Be careful if you use Google Map during monsoon, two doctors have died, this state issued alert

Kerala Police has issued guidelines cautioning the use of related technology during monsoon after the death of two young doctors when their car fell into a river allegedly while following directions on Google Maps. Advaith (29) and Ajmal (29), who worked at a private hospital in Thrissur district, died on Sunday night when their car fell into the Periyar river at Gothuruth, allegedly while following directions on Google Maps. According to the police, three other people traveling along with the concerned doctors were injured and are admitted to the hospital.

Police said the driver apparently reached the area following the directions given by Google Maps. “Due to heavy rains, visibility was very low at the time. They were following the route shown by Google Maps,” it said. But it seems the map directed them to turn left but they mistakenly went ahead and fell into the river. The state police, in a Facebook post on Sunday, asked people not to venture on unfamiliar routes during the monsoon season. Avoid traveling from.

Releasing a list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ while using Google Maps, Kerala Police said that routes are often changed during monsoon, but the information may not be visible on the map. The post said, “Google Maps is very helpful for driving these days. However, going on unfamiliar roads just by looking at the map, especially during monsoon, is sometimes dangerous.

State police said maps may show routes with less traffic, but such routes may not be safe. Police also urged people to keep maps with them for reference in case they lose their GPS signal while travelling. In a Facebook post, the police said, “Don’t forget to choose the appropriate mode of travel on the map. Choose from four-wheeler, two-wheeler, bicycle, foot and train options. Please note that four-wheelers cannot follow the path of a bike. Meanwhile, Hospital sources said the doctors who lost their lives in the accident were good friends and were planning to go abroad for higher education.

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Sources said the group was returning from Kochi after celebrating Advaita’s birthday. A person resident of Malappuram was in the concerned area in connection with construction work. He saw the accident happening at midnight. After this he and his friends and other local residents of the area took part in the rescue efforts. They also informed the fire department and the police. A local resident told the media that they rescued three passengers including a woman. The help of a diving team was taken to recover the bodies of the doctors.

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