Bihar constable recruitment exam paper leaked? The answer had come on the mobile phones of the candidates before the exam.

The answer to the question paper of Bihar Constable Restoration Examination had come on the mobile phones of the candidates even before the commencement of the examination. Instead of sending the question paper, the examination mafia had solved it and sent it to the mobile phones of the candidates. After this, candidates Ranjan Kumar, resident of Saksohra, Vimal and Monu, residents of Dulhin Bazar, Rajneesh Kumar, resident of Bakhtiyarpur, Arvind Kumar, resident of Maner and Roshan Kumar, resident of Masaurhi, went to the examination center with that answer and were caught misbehaving. Out of the six arrested candidates, Kankarbagh police seized the mobile phones of Monu and Rajneesh as well as the mobile phone of another on Monday. In this, the answers were received in the mobile phones of Monu and Rajneesh at around 1.30 even before the exam started at 2 o’clock. Whereas the answer has been deleted in a mobile phone. Most of the answers found in the mobile phones of both of them matched the questions asked in the examination. Due to which the possibility is being expressed that the question papers had reached the examination mafia a day or two in advance. However, it will be clear only after investigation whether the question paper was leaked or not?

The arrested accused have been sent to jail

Let us tell you that the police of Kankarbagh police station had arrested six candidates from Ashok Nagar Ramakrishna Dwarka College during the examination on Sunday. Whereas the police of Ramakrishna Nagar police station had arrested three candidates and three solvers from Patna Convent School. Here, everyone has been sent to jail after interrogation. City SP East said that investigation is going on. Everyone has been sent to jail.

Along with City SP Purvi, CSBC Inspector also arrived to investigate.

After the arrest of the candidates, apart from City SP East Sandeep Singh, CSBC (Central Selection Board of Constable) Inspector Nigam Kumar also arrived with his team to investigate the matter. City SP Sandeep Singh interrogated all the candidates. In which he could not give any specific information. The CSBC team took photocopies of the arrest and some documents from Kankarbagh police station for investigation. According to sources, the police said that the answers to most of the questions matched. Whereas the CSBC officials present at Kankarbagh police station only said that nothing can be said until the complete investigation is done. Questions can also be guessed.

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Solvers prepared their details in the name of the candidate.

In constable recruitment, the examination mafia had prepared very cleverly to get the candidates passed. The solvers caught by Ramakrishna Nagar police station had also prepared their documents in the name of the candidates and had filled the application form with the same name and address. Due to which his seat also came in front of the candidate. After this they were making the candidates copy. But still they were caught. Ramakrishnanagar police station has arrested candidates Manish, Avinash, Shyam and Guddu. Whereas in the admit cards received from the solvers, only Manish, Avinash, Shyam and Guddu are written in them. Whereas Manish’s real name is Pappu Kumar, Avinash’s Ashok Ram, Shyam’s Nitish Kumar and Guddu’s Chhote Lal.

Wires are also connected to UP and Haryana, possibility of involvement of exam mafia Monu Sharma

According to sources, in Ansar’s case it is believed that along with Bihar, gangs from UP and Haryana are also involved. These people have taken a huge amount of money from every candidate to guarantee them to pass the exam. This has happened before also. Sources say that Monu Sharma, a resident of Jhajhar, Haryana, is the mastermind of the gang. Along with this, the involvement of Rakesh resident of Khusrupur and Sanjay resident of Danapur is also coming to light in the irregularities in constable reinstatement. Rakesh, Sanjay and Monu have done setting work in many examinations. Due to which only these three are being suspected. Sources also say that Rs 10 to 15 lakhs were arranged from the candidates to pass the written examination for constable recruitment. Out of which Rs 2 lakh has also been taken as advance. If the police takes all the arrested candidates on remand, the whole truth will come out.

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No paper was leaked from anywhere in constable recruitment exam: Singhal

Central Selection Board (Constable Recruitment) Chairman Sanjeev Kumar Singhal said on Monday that no paper has been leaked from any center of Bihar in the constable recruitment examination held on Sunday. With the promptness of the district administration, clean and malpractice-free examinations were conducted in all the districts. He said that no malpractice took place inside the examination centres. During the entire examination, more than 100 candidates and their associates were caught attempting malpractice. Many electronic devices were also recovered. Many mafia-like gangs attempted malpractice, but failed. While giving advice to the candidates and their parents, maintain faith in the Councilor and your child’s talent.

On the question of the candidates arrested along with the answer keys from Ramakrishna Dwarika College, Kankarbagh, he said that along with the police, the councilor’s team has also investigated the matter. Investigation found that these candidates were caught almost at the end of the examination. The answers given in the recovered answer key were also not as per the serial number. The arrested candidates also told during interrogation that they had written the answers with the intention of stealing.

On the investigation of EOU, he said that in view of the possibility of organized crime, the unit has started research. Whatever comes out in the research, more good work will be done on the basis of that.

Eight candidates who filled double form were trapped and caught.

Raj Kishore Baitha, Officer on Special Duty, Central Selection Board, said that during the application, 105 forms were found which were double. In these, the photo, name, father’s name, date of birth of the candidates were the same, but the residence certificate and mobile number were different. The councilor had set up an examination center at Patna Convent School in Ramakrishna Nagar, Bhupatipur, Patna, to trap all the people committing fraud. During this period, eight candidates who appeared were arrested while 97 remained absent. The arrested fake candidates were caught giving the exam in place of Avinash Kumar, Manish Kumar, Guddu Kumar Gupta and Shyam Kumar.

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