mahatma gandhi strong voice for women participation in legislature mtj

The goal of equality is not possible through legislature alone.

According to Gandhiji, the goal of equality is not possible to be achieved by the political participation of women in the legislatures, hence on one hand in the Round Table Conference Gandhiji strongly advocates the participation of women in the legislature, while on the other hand in the All India Women’s Conference on December 23, 1936 He says – “When women, whom we call weak, will become strong, then all those who are helpless will become powerful. Empowerment will have to come not from the legislature or the help given by men, but from the strength of some more fortunate women who consider themselves weak and stand on their own. A woman should stop considering herself an object of man’s lust. Its cure lies more in their hands than in men.” It is clear that Gandhiji emphasizes on achieving the goal of women’s equality through the self-consciousness of women. Participation in legislature can only be helpful in that, it is not the final formula for women’s liberation.

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