resolution of development

India’s development is discussed all over the world, but this development will be considered incomplete until its benefits do not reach everywhere and everyone. It is an established truth that a country progresses only when every part and every section of the society develops. Just as in a family it is the duty of the head or guardian to take care of the needs of every member of the family, similarly governments should take care of the entire country and society. Realizing this responsibility, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that if India has to become a developed country in the year 2047, then it does not mean that grandeur should be seen in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and villages should be left behind. The Prime Minister launched the Sankalp Week last Saturday, under which there will be discussion about development at the block level in the country.

The Prime Minister had implemented the Aspirational Blocks Program (ABP) on January 7 this year. Under this, 500 blocks were identified in 329 districts of different states and union territories on the basis of various parameters of development. After this, efforts are being made to improve the administration system in these blocks. Under the programme, efforts are made to prepare development strategies by organizing thinking camps at village and block levels. On the basis of these thinking camps, Sankalp Week will now be celebrated in all these 500 blocks from October 3 to October 9. On the first day, about 3000 Panchayat and block level representatives from across the country will participate in the program in Delhi.

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After this, any one issue related to development like education, health, agriculture will be discussed and work will be done on the same basis in every aspirational block. The Aspirational Block Program was started on the basis of the Aspirational District Programme. The Prime Minister has described the Aspirational Districts Program implemented in the year 2018 as one of the top 10 programs of independent India. He has said that the resources required for development should be distributed equally, but where the need is greater, more resources should be given. This thinking is very important, because we also see in common life that by giving more resources to those who already have resources, they do not understand their value. Efforts like Aspirational Block Program are necessary and important for the overall development of India.

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