Temporary bridge on Ajay river between Kankasa Jaidev submerged again, traffic disrupted

Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari: Due to the temporary bridge on Ajay river between Kankasa in West Burdwan district and Ilambazar Jaidev in Birbhum district, it was once again washed away on Monday morning due to the strong flow of the river. The movement of people through this temporary bridge between the two districts was disrupted. Has been completely disrupted. In such a situation, the police and administration of both the districts are keeping a special vigil on the people traveling through the river. At present, the movement of people has been stopped due to the sinking of the temporary bridge. The administration has assured that the boat will be arranged.

Every day thousands of people travel through the temporary bridge.

However, no appropriate steps have been taken so far in this direction. It is said that thousands of people from both the districts come and go every day over the temporary bridge built on the Ajay River. Just a few days ago, the temporary bridge had broken and due to which the traffic had stopped between the two districts. The traffic was made smooth by the district administration by carrying out repair work in the meantime, but this morning again the movement of people has been completely affected due to the sinking of the temporary bridge. The district administration says that the traffic will be made smooth only after the repairs are done after the water level of the river subsides.

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Three thousand cusecs of water released from Birbhum Hingla river

About three thousand cusecs of water was released from the dam on Hingla river in Birbhum district by opening two gates on Monday morning. It is said that due to continuous rains in Birbhum district, the water level of the river had increased significantly. Along with this, due to rain in Jharkhand also the water level of the river increased. This morning, due to the rise of water over the river dam, two gates were opened and about 3 000 cusecs of water was released. However, due to the release of water in this quantity, a flood situation has arisen in the areas surrounding the river and agricultural land. However, till now there is no news of any loss of life or property. In this direction, the Irrigation Department is monitoring the rising water level of the area and the river.

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