The success of Chandrayaan-3 gave Pakistan sleepless nights, now it is sending a payload to the moon.

With the success of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, India’s stature has increased in the world. Whereas the poor neighboring country Pakistan is bowing its head in shame. Now to remove this shame, Pakistan is preparing to send one of its payloads to the moon. It is being told that Pakistan will send a small satellite CubeSat to the moon. However, Pakistan’s friend China, which is going through poverty, will also take a payload of Pakistan in its next lunar mission.

China’s spacecraft will carry a payload from Pakistan

In fact, China’s space agency has said that the country’s proposed lunar mission next year will also carry a payload for Pakistan. This is also being seen as increasing cooperation in the space sector between the two friendly countries. Government news agency Xinhua quoted China National Space Administration (CNSA) as saying that the Chang’e-6 lunar mission is currently undergoing research and development work as planned. According to the report of The Global Times, the launch of Chang’e-6 mission is proposed in 2024 and the purpose of this mission is to bring samples from the far side of the Moon.

According to the report, all the 10 missions conducted by scientists so far to collect samples from the Moon have been focused on the near part of the Moon. Citing CNSA, the report said that the far side includes the Aitken Basin, which is one of the three major lunar landforms and is very important from a scientific point of view. CNSA said that in order to promote international cooperation, the Chang’e-6 mission will carry payloads and satellite projects from various countries, including France’s Dorn radon detection instrument, the European Space Agency’s negative ion detector, Italy’s laser retroreflector and Pakistan’s Small satellites include CubeSats.

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India’s Chandrayaan-3 has created history
It is noteworthy that India’s Chandrayaan-3 created history by landing on the South Pole of the Moon on August 23. Before India, no country had been able to land its spacecraft on the south pole of the Moon. India has become the first country in the world to do so. At the same time, when Chandrayaan-3 lander took its first step on the moon, the eyes of the whole world were fixed on India. ISRO launched Chandrayaan from Sriharikota space station on July 14. All the countries of the world including America and Russia are considering India’s iron.

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