Caste census will change politics

Opposition parties were demanding caste census in the country for almost a year. Bharatiya Janata Party was on the backfoot on this issue. He didn’t have any specific answer for procrastinating on this. BJP had found a logic for some months that such calculations were done in some states, but the figures were not released. He used to try to corner Congress by giving the example of Karnataka. Similarly, they tried to corner Bihar also and the opposition also seemed to be saved. But now Bihar has become the first state in the country to conduct caste survey and release its report. Due to this, a weapon to corner the opposition has been removed from BJP’s hands. From a political point of view, a game of check-mate is currently going on between the BJP-NDA and the opposition alliance.

During the discussion on the Women’s Reservation Bill, it seemed that the BJP had gone four steps ahead and had done something that no one could oppose. Only the issue of demand for OBC reservation in women’s reservation was left in the hands of the opposition, yet they supported the bill. But after the arrival of caste figures in Bihar, BJP has gone a little on the back foot in the language of cricket. The opposition has prepared the pitch, and they appear to be in a position to bat on the front foot. Now this game will continue till the elections.

It seems that the issue of social justice will gain prominence in the 2024 general elections. Earlier it seemed that the opposition parties would only keep making noise regarding caste enumeration and this issue would not be effective in the elections. But, we got some idea of ​​the heat of this issue when the opposition parties demanded OBC reservation in women’s reservation also, and BJP had to give clarification in this regard. Then all the BJP ministers started relying on the figures that there are 85 OBC MPs from their party, and 29 OBC ministers, and the same number of OBC MLAs. The BJP had started feeling that the public might not take the opposition’s attack seriously, and hence it started giving evidence and tried to show that even though the opposition advocates for the OBC community, the real representation given to them was by the BJP. Is. He then also said that even his Prime Minister is OBC. At that time it seemed that this could become a big issue in the 2024 elections. After the caste census data has come out in Bihar, there is no longer any doubt that in the coming elections, efforts will be made by both the camps to mobilize around social justice.

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A question is also arising whether the issues of Mandal and Kamandal can return once again in the next elections. This will be known after the election results but it seems that its call has definitely been heard. Rather, it would be correct to say that the sound had already started being heard, now it has started knocking on the door. The possibility of Mandal 2.0 is fully visible in the next elections.

The match has opened up a little more now. Till a year ago, it seemed that on one side there was a very strong team, and on the other side there was a weak team which was scattered. In such a situation, the contest looked one-sided, and it seemed that the only thing to be seen was by what margin the BJP would defeat its opponents. But, as the opposition parties are getting organized or trying to get organized, and now that they have got an issue which is a big package in itself, the 2024 contest has become more exciting than before. . Caste census of Bihar is not only an issue of Bihar. Regarding this, opposition parties will try to create pressure in the states ruled by BJP. She will try to reach out to the OBC voters of those states with the data of Bihar and put the BJP in the dock.

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