Five dead after two private planes collide in northern Mexico

Mexico Five people, including a child, died when two private planes crashed in the northern state of Durango. State authorities gave this information. The crash happened Monday morning on a small dirt runway in the city of La Galancita in western Durango. The state security secretariat told The Associated Press (AP) that the two planes collided while one was taking off and the other was landing. Both were light aircraft.

Both planes caught fire after the collision

It is being told that the plane caught fire after the collision. The government agency said that all five passengers died in the accident. State officials are investigating the cause of the accident.

Many plane accidents have happened in Mexico before

in Mexico many times before plane crashes Have been done. In March 2021, a small plane crashed in Sonora, northern Mexico, in which 6 people, including the pilot, died. There was also a plane accident in December 2022. In which two people died. Actually a private plane had crashed in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast.

On September 17, a plane crash took place in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, 14 people lost their lives.

This month, on September 17, all 14 people on board a small passenger plane crashed in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, killing them. Local media had reported that the ‘Embraer PT-SOG’ plane had taken off from Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, but crashed while attempting to land in heavy rain. According to the media, the passengers on board the plane were Brazilian tourists.

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