Sonbhadra: Three youths died due to poisonous gas in the well, mourning in the family, villagers blocked the well

Sonbhadra News: On Wednesday, in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, three youths who had gone into a well died due to poisonous gas. Two real brothers are included in the dead. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the family after the incident. The incident took place in Bijwar village of Raipur police station area. After the incident, angry people blocked the road by placing the three dead bodies on the Robertsganj-Khaliyari road. He accused the rescue team of not arriving on time despite giving information.

Young man got trapped in a very narrow well

It is being told that 35 year old Deepak Gupta, resident of Bijwar village of Sonbhadra district, has a narrow and deep well near his village house. In this, 40-year-old neighbor Balwant had descended into the well to take out the submersible pump. He had gone inside about 20 feet when he started suffocating. Hearing the plea for help, Deepak’s brother Surya Prakash, 31, also entered the well. After going inside, his condition also worsened due to exposure to poisonous gas.

As soon as the information was received, Deepak descended into the well, but he also got trapped inside. There was an outcry among the family members when the three youths got trapped in the well one after the other. Within no time a crowd of villagers started gathering at the spot. The villagers informed the police about this. After this, a search was started for the three in the well. After about three hours of struggle, all three were taken out.

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Villagers accused of not getting timely treatment

The villagers hurriedly took everyone to Vaini CHC, where the doctor referred them to the district hospital. It is being told that as ambulance was not immediately available, the police took the three youths in their vehicle to the district hospital, where they were declared dead. As soon as the information about the death was received, there was chaos among the family members.

Angry villagers blocked the Robertsganj-Khaliyari road near Patvadh turn. He accused the police of arriving very late despite giving information. The villagers also said that there were not enough resources at the CHC. He said that because of this the three youths could not get first aid on time. Police and administration officials explained to them.

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