Telesphor P Toppo did nothing for his village and family, but strengthened the Christian society.

Gumla, Durjay Paswan: Former Cardinal Telesphorus Placidius Toppo, born on 15 October 1939 in Jhargaon of Chainpur block (Gumla), famously known as Hira Barve, is no more with us today. He worked for the development of the church throughout his life. He devoted his entire life for the church. live the cardinal Telesphor P Toppo He could not do anything for his village and family, but he strengthened the Christian society, the effect of which is that Gumla Diocese is one of the strongest dioceses today. When he became a Cardinal on October 21, 2003, people from the entire church community of Jharkhand were in celebration. Because they were residents of this soil Gumla. In 1985, when the centenary jubilee of Apostle Father Constant Livens of Chhotanagpur was being celebrated. At this time Telesphorus had arrived in Ranchi as Arch Bishop. During his lifetime, Livans had said that a disciplined and well-organized church should be established in Chhotanagpur. Former Cardinal Telesphorus began the journey to archbishopship with the aim of realizing this dream of Livens. By becoming Archbishop, he worked to organize the church. The former Cardinal had rapidly expanded the Church in Gumla, Simdega, Khunti, Ranchi.

  • The Church is strong in Gumla, Simdega, Khunti and Ranchi, this is the contribution of former Cardinal Telesphore P Toppo.

Development is possible only with Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaay

Former Cardinal Telesphorus P. Toppo, a Christian religious leader, in 2011 gumla Had arrived. At that time he had gone to his native village Jhargaon (Chainpur block). Where after reaching Gumla after paying tribute on the death of Sister Maryam Toppo, while resting at the Bishop House, in a special interview with Prabhat Khabar, he talked at length on the perspective of Jharkhand.

There is no educationist like Dr. Munda in this Jharkhand state. He was a gift from God. His demise has caused huge loss. Undoubtedly this will have an impact on the culture of Jharkhand. Because their deficiency cannot be compensated. But now we Jharkhandis need to keep Munda’s dreams intact.

How do you view the situation in Jharkhand state, the obstacles in development caused by mixed government and corruption?

Development is happening, but at the pace at which development should happen. That pace has not yet caught up. It is true that the situation in the state is not good due to the coalition government. There can be no peace without justice and there can be no justice without peace. It is necessary to have a permanent government for the overall development of Jharkhand state.

For the past two-three years it has been seen that churches have been the target of robbers, thieves and miscreants, what is the reason for this?

Uneducated and addicted people are doing this. The church is a house of prayer, where emphasis is laid on health, education and development. Work is done to make people aware.

Drug abuse and Naxalism are major obstacles to development in Gumla, Lohardaga and Simdega districts. How can this be overcome?

Awareness is necessary for this. A campaign against drug abuse is being run in Gumla diocese. Earlier the caste system was the biggest obstacle in the development of the country. This system is still in place to a large extent. But drug addiction and Naxalism have also been added to it. In the year 2012, a camp for these subjects was held in Bengaluru from 31 January to 8 February. Bishops and Christian religious leaders from across the country participated in it. How can we stay away from these evils? There was brainstorming on this.

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Brief biography of Late Telesphore P. Toppo

  • Name: Telesphorus Placidius Toppo

  • Date of Birth: 15 October 1939

  • Place of Birth: Jhargaon, Chainpur Parish (Diocese of Gumla)

  • Primary Education: Jhargaon Upper Primary Barve Nagar

  • Matriculation: Livans Barve High School, Chainpur

  • Inter and BA: St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi

  • MA: Ranchi University, Ranchi

  • Philosophy: Saint Albert Seminary Ranchi

  • Theology: Pontifical Urban University Rome, Italy

  • Ordained as a priest: May 3, 1969 Himmelried, Switzerland

  • Appointment: Assistant Teacher St. Joseph Uvi Torpa

  • Founding Director: Livans Vocational Center Torpa

  • Bishop: 8th June 1978 in Dumka

  • Assistant Bishop: 8 November 1984 in Ranchi

  • Arch Bishop: 7 August 1985

  • Cardinal: October 21, 2003 to 2018

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