Bihar Weather: Gandak river swelled due to rain in Nepal, will cause devastation in Gopalganj and neighboring areas of UP.

Due to the rains that started from Sunday in the water acquisition areas of India-Nepal border, the water level of Gandak Barrage has again started scaring the people living in the coastal areas. Heavy rains in Nepal have also started affecting the rivers of Bihar. Gandak river is in spate in Gopalganj. The water level of the river is increasing rapidly. The Water Resources Department has issued instructions to all engineers to remain alert by increasing the monitoring of embankments in their respective areas. Officials have expressed fear of the water level reaching above the danger mark. The Water Resources Department has increased monitoring of embankments in the areas of Ahiraulidan, Sipaya, Pathara, Mehndiya, Tandaspur. Here, there is an atmosphere of panic among the villagers due to the possibility of flood water entering the village. This water will wreak havoc in UP and Gopalganj. By 7 pm on Wednesday evening, about two cusecs of water was released into the Gandak River from the Gandak Barrage. Due to this, water logging has started in the neighboring areas of the neighboring state Uttar Pradesh including the coastal forest areas.

Due to this the problems of the villagers have increased. Water will enter Jhandu Tola village and SSB camp premises as soon as there is a partial rise in the water level. It is feared that by Wednesday night the water level of Gandak Barrage will cross 2 lakh 50 thousand. All the personnel of Gandak Barrage have been kept on alert. According to the officials of Gandak Barrage, due to continuous and intermittent rains in Nepal, life has become disrupted in the Terai and hilly areas. Due to the water released from Nepal, the water level of Gandak Barrage is continuously rising since Tuesday. Due to the flow of water released from Narayan Ghat of Nepal flowing through Gandak Barrage, it has become a threat to the people living in low-lying areas.

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Till 6 pm on Wednesday evening, the discharge level of water from Valmikinagar Barrage into Gandak River was 1 lakh 58 thousand 900 cusecs. It is expected that the level will exceed two lakh cusecs by night. The discharge water from Valmikinagar will reach Gopalganj in the next 24 hours. Monitoring of embankments has been increased in Vishambharpur, Bhagwanpur in Kuchaykot block, Pathara, Mashanthana, Mehndiya, Jagiri Tola, Khap Maskudpur, Bhainsahi, Gausia, Nemuiya, Barauli, Sidhwalia and Baikunthpur areas in Manjha block in Sadar block. Here, people are suffering from unknown fear and apprehension. Executive Engineer of Irrigation Department, Rajjan Shamim said that it is raining continuously in the Terai and hilly areas of Nepal. It takes about six to eight hours for the water released from Narayan Ghat to reach Gandak Barrage. In view of the rains in Nepal, the possibility of increasing the water level of Gandak Barrage cannot be ruled out.

SDO of Water Resources Department, Pathara, Osama Warisi said that the water level of Gandak river is likely to reach 2 lakh cusecs. However, there is no danger of flood due to this. There may be pressure near the embankments, which is being continuously monitored. Here, the villagers of Diara area are worried about the danger of floods in the month of October. Usually the water of Gandak River ends by the end of September, but this time the water level of the river is increasing in October.

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