today’s horoscope 6 october friday 2023 cancer virgo capricorn aquarius to get success in job business today horoscope in hindi jay

Aaj Ka Rashifal 6 October Friday 2023: People of Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius will get success in job and business, today’s horoscope.

  • Mesh- Today will definitely be fruitful for you. The efforts made by you today will bear fruit. Even if someone in your family speaks ill of you today, don’t worry. Today you may have to take a decision related to the future of your child.

    Lucky Number-2 Lucky Color- Brown

  • Taurus- Today will be a mixed day for you. Today you will spend a lot of time in the day finishing daily tasks in your house. If you are about to sign any legal documents, then think carefully, because it can also be harmful for you.

    Lucky number-1 Lucky color- Purple

  • Gemini- Today is going to be a slow day for you. Today you will have to work very wisely to make your place in the job. Today you will have to be careful about your health, because it is deteriorating.

    Lucky number-3 Lucky color- Asanani

  • Cancer- Today the star of your luck seems to be high. Today you will achieve success by removing the obstacles coming in your work. Today your social circle also seems to be expanding. People living a love life may have to face stress today.

    Lucky number-7 Lucky color- Purple

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