Veg Thali Price: Big relief to common people, prices of vegetarian thali reduced by 17% and non-vegetarian thali by 9%

Veg Thali Price: Amidst the rising inflation, news that provides relief to the common people is coming out. Due to reduction in the prices of food items, the price of non-vegetarian and vegetarian thali has reduced. It is being told that due to falling prices of tomatoes, vegetarians in India (Veg Thali) and carnivorous (Non-Veg Thali) The price of thalis has declined on a monthly basis in September. This information was given in a report released on Thursday. According to CRISIL Market Intelligence and Analytics’ monthly indicator of cost of a thali, Roti Chawal Rate (RRR), the price of vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali declined by 17 per cent and nine per cent respectively in September compared to the previous month. Tomato price On monthly basis, it declined by 62 percent to Rs 39 per kg in September. Tomato was at Rs 102 per kg in August. This is a major reason for the fall in thali prices. According to the report, there has been a slight decline of one percent in the price of vegetarian thali in September on an annual basis. At the same time, due to high prices of wheat and palm oil, the price of non-vegetarian thali increased marginally by 0.65 percent.

The report said that onion prices increased by 12 percent on a monthly basis in September and are likely to remain stable at this level as Kharif production is expected to be low in 2023. Fuel cost contributes 14 percent and eight percent to the total cost of vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis respectively. It declined 18 percent sequentially in September as the price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder dropped from Rs 1,103 to Rs 903.

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