Bihar: KK Pathak wrote a letter to all the District Magistrates, asked for details of the city’s schools, know the reason..

Bihar News: In Bihar, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, KK Pathak has written a letter to the DMs of all the districts, asking for details of buildingless schools in the city. Now a big decision has been taken by the Education Department for the school building. The construction work of its rooms and buildings etc. will be expedited. Let us tell you that in the last few years, Rs 3445 crore has come for the infrastructure of schools in Bihar. This money was returned due to not being able to complete the entire administrative and tender processes in time. In many schools, children were seen sitting on the floor. At the same time, now Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak is seen in action regarding all these things. Many types of information have been sought from school officials. Name of the school, number of rooms, number of students and teachers, information about the block of the school, since when the school has been running in another school. All this information has been sought.

Instructions also issued for district education officers.

At the same time, more than 3000 schools of Patna state have not given information about the attendance of students. District education officers have been given strict instructions to share this information without any delay. Actually, there are many schools which are not giving information. District education officers have been asked to send reports regarding schools that do not allow children to attend. Actually, the department has asked for details of schools with less than fifty percent attendance and more than that. Forms for this have been given since two months.

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Many information sought from District Magistrates..

Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, KK Pathak has sent a letter to all the District Magistrates of the state and has sought various types of information. Many information has also been given in this letter. It has been told that an engineering cell under the District Education Office will work to arrange the infrastructure and furniture etc. of the schools. It will oversee the approval, tender process and implementation of schemes up to Rs 50 lakh. This cell will work under the supervision of the District Magistrate.

Repair work will be done at the district level

Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department, KK Pathak has ordered that all the work related to construction and repair of broken buildings worth Rs 50 lakh will be done at the district level. Its technical and administrative approval will be given at the district level. KK Pathak has said in the letter sent to the District Magistrates that in view of the increasing attendance of students, emergency measures will have to be taken immediately. At the same time, the issue regarding this may also come to light soon. If the amount of the scheme exceeds Rs 50 lakh, it has been said that it will be sent to the department. It has also been said that an action plan for strengthening the schools should be prepared by calling a meeting of the Deputy Development Commissioner and the District Education Officer. Under the engineering cell, one junior engineer level personnel, one assistant engineer level engineer on every three blocks and one executive engineer at the district level have been deployed in the said cell. District Magistrates have been asked to approve, tender and implement schemes worth Rs 50 lakh at their own level.

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It is known that now details of schools without buildings in the city have been sought. Schools located in urban areas will soon get buildings. Preparations for this have been started. In this regard, the Directorate of Primary Education has asked for the list of schools through a letter from all the education officials. Let us tell you that due to not having their own building, many schools are facing problems in enrollment of boys and girls. Additional Chief has said that due to monthly examinations, the attendance of children in schools has increased. In such a situation, there is a need to construct adequate classrooms to accommodate the children. Besides, the school building will also have to be repaired as soon as possible. For this, instructions have been issued to the DM by writing a letter on behalf of the Additional Chief Secretary.

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