Nobel Prize: Nobel Peace Prize to jailed Nargis Mohammadi, who fought against women’s oppression.

Jailed activist Nargis Mohammadi has been chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize this year for her fight against oppression of women in Iran. Nobel Committee Chairman Berit Reis-Andersen announced the prize in Oslo on Friday. Announcing the award, he said that we hope that Nargis Mohammadi’s movement continues and she continues to get encouragement for it. The Nobel Committee has announced the Nobel Peace Prize for 2023 for the fight against oppression of women in Iran and their fight for human rights.

sentenced to 31 years imprisonment

Announcing the award, Berit Rees-Andersen said that Nargis Mohammadi was jailed 13 times and convicted five times. She was sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison and is still in jail. Nargis Mohammadi started a movement for women’s rights. Their movement became nationwide and the government was shaken. The protesters started their movement with the basic mantra of Women – Life – Freedom. Mohammadi started a campaign against the death penalty. Mohammadi also wrote many articles for this movement. Because of his activism against the death penalty, he was arrested in 2015 and sentenced to additional years in prison.

Raised voice for women’s rights since student life.

To suppress this movement, the Iranian government tortured the protesters. About 500 people died in this movement and many people were brutally tortured. Despite this, this movement was not suppressed and Nargis Mohammadi’s campaign was strengthened. It is said that more than 20 thousand protesters were arrested during this movement. Nargis has been fighting for women’s rights since her student days and has been raising her voice for them. It is noteworthy that Nargis Mohammadi is the 19th woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize, while she is the second Iranian woman to achieve this feat. Before Mohammadi, Shirin Ebadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

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Iran government has not given any response yet

Even after the announcement of Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Nargis Mohammadi, there has been no response from the Iranian government yet. PTI news agency has given this information that some news agencies have said that they have received information from foreign media that Nargis Mohammadi has been selected for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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