Top 5 Best Mileage Bikes: 5 bikes giving highest mileage

, If we talk about the mileage of the country’s best selling bike, it gives an average of more than 70 kilometers per litre.

Hero HF 100: The mileage is more than 70 kilometers per liter. The price of the motorcycle is only Rs 57,238 ex-showroom.

Bajaj CT 100: It would not be wrong if Bajaj’s CT 100 is placed at number one among the best mileage bikes. The mileage of the bike is 75 kilometers per liter.

Honda Shine 100: The mileage of the recently launched Honda Shine 100 is up to 65 kilometers per liter.

Bajaj Platina: Platina also has a 102 cc engine like the CT 100. The mileage of this bike is more than 70 kilometers per liter.

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