Which country will be harmed by the dispute between India and Canada? Know what is the opinion of experts

India-Canada Conflict: According to a leading expert, the ongoing dispute between Canada and India over the killing of a Sikh separatist will harm both the countries. According to him, Ottawa will suffer losses in terms of trade and its ability to be a part of the network in the Indo-Pacific region will also be affected, while India’s image as a democratic country and the rule of law may also suffer a blow.

Trudeau has accused India

Trudeau has alleged the ‘possible’ involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Khalistani separatist leader Nijjar in British Columbia on June 18, triggering a diplomatic row between Canada and India. India aggressively rejected the allegations as ‘absurd’ and ‘motivated’ and expelled a senior Canadian diplomat in retaliation for Canada expelling an Indian official over the matter.

Stopping negotiations will cause huge loss to the trade sector.

“Trade will likely be the first area to be hit hard by the halt to EPTA (Early Progress Trade Agreement) negotiations,” Canada Institute Associate Javier Delgado said in a blogpost published by the Wilson Institute on Friday. Both countries announced earlier this month that they would pause trade talks with each other, and Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng indefinitely postponed a planned visit to New Delhi with a trade mission in October.’ ‘

Canada’s trade with India is US$10.18 billion

The talks were part of Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy, which described EPTA as an important step towards the Greater Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). This was expected to increase trade relations between the two countries. According to Delgado, the stalled trade talks have made bilateral trade relations worth US$17 billion uneasy. Canada’s trade with India is expected to grow from approximately US$3.87 billion in 2012 to US$10.18 billion in 2022, driven by increased exports of energy products from Canada and imports of Indian consumer goods.

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decline in trade relations

“A decline in the movement of Indian immigrants could make the decline in trade relations even more devastating,” he said. People of Indian origin account for 20 percent of total immigrants to Canada. Delgado said, “The decline in relations with India could affect Canada’s ability to join Indo-Pacific institutions, as regional ally Modi This will avoid angering the government because India itself can block Canada’s membership in some groups. Ottawa is aware of New Delhi’s influence and power in the region.

India will also be affected!

He said that Canada will not be the only one to suffer from this dispute but it will also affect India. Delgado said, “This allegation could damage India’s image as a democratic nation committed to the rule of law.” Even more serious consequences could be that India’s image as a reliable ally in the competition against China could be dented.

“If Canadian officials provide strong evidence of India’s involvement in Nijjar’s killing, Canada’s ‘Five Eyes’ partners may re-evaluate intelligence sharing and law enforcement cooperation with India,” he said.

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