Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Politics hinges on Geeta Koda’s decision, a new plot may be ready

Ranchi, Anand Mohan: In the Lok Sabha elections, politics can move on a new path in Kolhan’s land. A plot is being prepared for an upset on Singhbhum Lok Sabha seat. The decisions of current Congress MP Geeta Koda from this seat will give a new color to electoral politics. There is talk that Geeta Koda may join BJP. If this happens, then the mood of the elections will change. The equations will change. However, MP Geeta Koda has maintained silence on this till now. Working President of Congress Geeta Koda is also continuously active in the party programs. Her husband Madhu Koda, who was once an independent Chief Minister, is also moving ahead with the support of Congress. The Koda couple have a strong hold in this area. Both are considered strong leaders of the tribe. Former Chief Minister Madhu Koda himself has won this seat as an independent candidate, but BJP is also eyeing Geeta Koda for the Lok Sabha elections. If BJP takes Geeta Koda in its fold, then it can win the electoral battle.

There is also discussion about Arjun Munda contesting elections.

BJP There is also talk of Union Minister Arjun Munda contesting the elections. Party leaders say that Arjun Munda can explore new land. The Union Minister gives a precise answer to these speculations that the party has to take a decision. Who would have thought that we are contesting elections from Khunti, but the party decided, so we contested the elections. BJP has won elections from this seat thrice. Chitrasen Sinku led BJP to victory for the first time in the 1996 Lok Sabha elections. This was BJP’s first foray into the area dominated by Jharkhand Party, Congress and JMM. After this, Laxman Gilua, who was the state president of BJP, was an MP twice. Former IAS JB Tubid is also making his claim on this seat, while Barkunwar Gagrai is in the race for candidature, but on Singhbhum seat all the equations are around Geeta Koda. If she joined BJP, the situation would be different.

  • JMM has MLAs in five of the six assembly constituencies in Singhbhum Lok Sabha seat.

  • There is talk that current Congress MP Geeta Koda may join BJP, but she has maintained silence.

  • There is also talk within the BJP about Union Minister Arjun Munda contesting the elections.

  • JMM leader and MLA from Chakradharpur Sukhram Oraon is presenting his claim from this seat.

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Here, this time JMM’s claim has come to the fore in the India alliance. JMM has a strong hold in Kolhan. JMM holds five of the six assembly constituencies in Singhbhum Lok Sabha seat. If Geeta Koda takes any big political decision, the path will be clear for JMM, because Congress will again have a shortage of candidates. Whereas JMM will put itself forward in the fight against NDA. JMM has a long list of candidates. JMM leader and MLA from Chakradharpur Sukhram Oraon is presenting his claim from this seat. Seraikela MLA and Minister Champai Soren also has a big stature within the party. Champai is also considered a strong contender within the party. At the same time, JMM has leaders like Deepak Birua who have a strong and agitating background. In such a situation, JMM’s claim on Singhbhum seat will outweigh that of Congress.


JMM captures five seats of Singhbhum, defeats BJP

There are six assembly constituencies in Singhbhum Lok Sabha seat. One falls in Seraikela and five in West Singhbhum. JMM has five assembly seats, while Congress has won only one assembly seat. BJP has been clean from the entire assembly. This area is full of challenges for BJP. Champai Soren from Seraikela, Deepak Birua from Chaibasa, Niral Purti from Mazgaon, Joba Manjhi from Manoharpur and Sukhdev Oraon from Chakradharpur are MLAs. Sona Ram Sinku of Congress is the MLA from Jagarnathpur.

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