New update on appointment of more than 69000 teachers in Bihar, know how many posts in which subject, how much will be the salary

BPSC TRE: Appointment of teachers of more than 69 thousand primary and plus two schools in Bihar (Bihar Teacher Recruitment) Bihar Public Service Commission for (BPSC) A requisition will soon be sent by the Education Department. For this appointment of teachers on the basis of written examination, all the district education officers have sent the roster clearance report to the Secretariat to the Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) after the signature of Sanjay Kumar, Joint Secretary of the Education Department. Along with this, according to the roster report, the requisition proposal has also almost been prepared. According to official information, the requisition will be sent to Bihar Public Service Commission in the next day or two.

50 percent reservation for women

According to official information, 69,692 new posts of teachers have been created in the state. Of these, 31982 school teachers of graduate category will be recruited in the first phase from classes 6th to 8th. The special thing in this appointment will be that 50 percent reservation will be given to women in the appointment of this category. Category division of the 100 point roster has also been done by the Education Department.

Recruitment process can start by mid-October

Similarly, in Plus Two schools, a total of 18880 teachers are to be appointed for classes 9th and 10th and 18830 teachers for classes 11th and 12th. The Education Department can start the process of appointment to more than 69 thousand posts by mid-October. In this regard, continuous meetings are going on between the officials of Bihar Public Service Commission and the Education Department.

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what will be the salary

  • According to the information, the pay scale has been fixed for teachers on newly created posts. According to him..

  • The basic salary of a teacher from class 11 to 12 will be Rs 32,000.

  • The basic salary of a teacher from class 9 to 10 will be Rs 31,000.

  • The basic salary of a teacher from class 6 to 8 will be Rs 28,000.

  • Apart from the basic salary, teachers will be given state government dearness allowance, medical allowance and house rent allowance.

According to the information, 18,880 posts of teachers of class 9 to 10 are approved. among these…

  • 3,423 in Hindi

  • 2,320 in science

  • 2,206 in mathematics

  • 1,922 in Social Sciences

  • 1,856 in Sanskrit

  • 1,219 in Urdu

  • 1,068 in music

  • 556 in physical education

  • There are 391 stanzas in the dance.

Vacant posts in secondary schools…

  • 284 in fine arts

  • 80 in Maithili

  • 49 in Persian

  • 26 in bangla

  • There are 15 verses in Arabic.

18,830 posts of teachers are sanctioned for classes 11 to 12 (Higher Secondary)…

  • 1,971 in English

  • 1,919 in Physics

  • 1,857 in Chemistry

  • 1,651 in mathematics

  • 1,169 in Hindi

  • 1,114 in Psychology

  • 823 in sociology

  • 691 in history

  • 594 in Political Science

  • 582 in music

  • 505 in Home Science

  • 561 in Botany

  • 400 in zoology

  • 333 in urdu

  • 168 in economics

  • Geography 501

  • 108 in philosophy

  • 172 in Computer Science

  • 7 in bangla

  • 14 in Arabic

  • 2 in Bhojpuri

  • 155 in Maithili

  • 4 in shift

  • 21 in Persian

  • 186 in Sanskrit

  • 363 in EPS

  • 93 in Business Studies

  • There are 162 posts in accounting.

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