World Post Day 2023: Know where the world’s highest post office is located on World Post Day

  • World Post Day is being celebrated today i.e. 9th October.

  • We are going to tell you about the world’s highest post office.

  • Know about the oldest postal number

World Post Day 2023: World Post Day is celebrated every year on 9 October. Similarly, Postal Day is celebrated at the national level in India also. In India it is celebrated more as a week than a day. Today, on this special occasion, we are going to tell you about the world’s highest post office which is located in India.

Where is the world’s highest post office located? There is a village in Himachal Pradesh named Hikkim which is in Lahaul Spiti district. The world’s highest post office is located in this district and its pin code is 172114. Most of the people living in Hikkim are followers of Buddhism. The highest post office in the entire world does not look like a normal post office in any way. Due to heavy snowfall this place often remains isolated from the rest of the world.

The country’s first letter box format post office has been built under Rampur postal division of Himachal Pradesh. The world’s highest post office was running in Hikkim village since 1983, but now it has been renovated and started in a new look. Which is a center of attraction in itself. Tourists send letters to their close ones in the country and the world from Hikkimi Post Office. After its construction, this post office of Hikkim is also included among the favorite places of tourists in Spiti.

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Munnar: Oldest Postal Number

Down south in Kerala, a small metal postbox has completed more than 100 years of service. It is known as Postal Number 9 (PB Number 9). It was established during the 1920s when there was a commotion at the national level along with substantial growth of local tea plantations in the country.

Know about postal service in India

On July 1, 1876, India became a member of the Universal Postal Union. India was the first Asian country to take membership. The history of postal services in India is very old. It was established as a department in India on October 1, 1854 during the reign of Lord Dalhousie. Apart from basic postal services, banking, financial and insurance services are also available in post offices. On one hand, the Postal Department provides various postal services on subsidy basis under the Universal Service Obligation, on the other hand, it is providing postal services at the same rates in hilly, tribal and remote areas like Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

national postal week

According to the Indian Postal Department, World Postal Week is celebrated between 9 and 14 October. The purpose of celebrating National Postal Week is to make the general public aware of the contribution of the Indian Postal Department. Different days are celebrated every day of the week. Savings Bank Day is celebrated on 10th October, Mail Day on 11th October, Philatelic Day on 12th October, Business Day on 13th October and Insurance Day on 14th October. On Savings Day, customers are given detailed information about Postal Savings Scheme. Customers are told which savings scheme is profitable. The objective of Postal Week Day is to provide information about the products of the Postal Department among the customers, to make them aware and to establish harmony among the post offices. Employees doing better work are also rewarded on Postal Day.

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History of World Post Day

A system was introduced in England in the year 1840. Under this system, all postal letters had to be paid for in advance i.e. prepaid. This system was started by Sir Rowland Hill. In this system, a category was fixed for domestic service along with prepaid payment for letters, in which a uniform rate was charged for all letters of equal weight. Not only this, Sir Rowland Hill also introduced the world’s first postage stamp.

World Post Day significance

People get employment opportunities through World Post Day. This day is celebrated mainly to spread awareness among the people about the role of postal services. Talking about its objective, its main objective is to advance the economic and social importance of development service of the countries.

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