Akshay Kumar: This is Akshay Kumar’s favorite tourist place, the film Rowdy Rathore was shot here

Akshay Kumar Favorite Place: Everyone, from the common man to the special ones, is fond of travelling. When some people go on a trip, they share their pictures on social media. But do you know which place Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar likes to visit in India? Let us know about Akshay’s favorite place.

Favorite place of actor Akshay Kumar

actor Akshay Kumar Along with eating and drinking, he is also fond of travelling. Akshay Kumar’s favorite place is Hampi located in Karnataka state. His film Rowdy Rathore was also shot at this historical place. Akshay Kumar is crazy about this place since 2012. Actors often visit here with their families.

What kind of city is Hampi?

Hampi is a historical and hill town located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The city was the capital of the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire and was important during the 14th to 16th centuries. Hampi is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is a site of historical and natural beauty.

places to visit in hampi

Virupaksha Temple

present in hampi Virupaksha Temple It is a major religious place and one of the major attractions here. This temple is a symbol of the historical and religious importance of Hampi, and is also a part of the World Heritage Site. This temple is especially known as Vishwakarma Sthal. Virupaksha deity is worshiped in this temple. The architecture and sculpture of the temple is quite famous. It has idols of various gods and goddesses. Tourists from all over the country and abroad come to visit here.

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Lotus Mahal

If you are coming to visit Hampi Lotus Mahal Must go. This palace is also known as Chitrangi Mahal. It was built for the queen by Shri Krishnadev Rai in the 16th century. The structure of this palace is like a lotus, hence it is known as Lotus Palace.

Sri Vijay Vitthal Temple

in Hampi, Karnataka Sri Vijay Vitthal Temple (Shri Vijaya Vittala Temple). Which is one of the famous temples. This temple was built during the reign of King Krishnadeva Raya II of the Vijayanagara Empire and was built to worship Lord Vitthal. The specialty of this temple is that it is full of grand architecture, gopurams and various grand and unique structures. The main belief of the temple is that it was built for the worship of Lord Vitthal, whose idol is located in the main sanctum of this temple.

Hampi Mathanga Hill

Mathanga Hill (Matanga Hill) is one of the major hill stations of Hampi. This mountain is one of the famous places of Hampi and from here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the entire Hampi. This hill is surrounded by dense forests and mountains. This mountain is a popular tourist trekking destination.

How to reach Hampi

  • By Air: You can reach Hampi by flights from nearby airports like New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The nearest airports are Bellary and Hospet, which are about 40-50 kilometers from Hampi.

  • By Train: Hampi also has a railway station named “Hospet Junction”. From this station you can travel to Hampi by train.

  • By Bus: Hampi also has direct bus service from Hospet. The distance from Hospet to Hampi is about 13-15 kilometers and you can travel by bus.

  • By private vehicle: You can also reach Hampi with your personal vehicle or a rented car from other cities of India.

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Be aware that when you reach Hampi, do not forget to enjoy the ancient temples, hill sites and historical sites here. Hampi is a unique mountain tourist destination which is a part of India’s heritage. Here tourists get a chance to enjoy historical and natural beauty. Not only Akshay Kumar but also people from all over the country and abroad come to visit here.

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