General Knowledge: Know what is the difference between TTE and TC who check tickets in trains?

Indian Railways

If you have ever traveled by train, someone must have come to check your ticket. But now the question is whether a Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE- Travel Ticket Examiner) or TC (Ticket Collector) has come to you to check your train ticket, then what is the difference between these two?

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The job of both TTE and TC is to check tickets. But the rights of both are different. If a passenger is traveling without a ticket, then the work like collecting fine is his responsibility.

TTE’s responsibility

Who is TTE?- TTE is responsible for checking the ID, seat and ticket of the passengers traveling inside the train. TTE checks the tickets and seats of the passengers sitting inside the train.

What is the identity of TTE?

If you want to identify the TTE, you will see the relevant batch written on his shirt or court pocket.

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He also has ID proof related to TTE. All rights of TTE are valid inside the train. You will always see him in a black coat.

Who is TC?

Who is TC?

The job of TC is also to check tickets, but TC does not check the tickets of the passengers traveling inside the train. The job of TC is to check the tickets of the people sitting at the station and the people entering the station.

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What are the timings of train ticket checking?

TTE cannot check tickets after 10 pm. This is because 10 pm to 6 am is the time for passengers to sleep, but if your journey starts after 10 pm then TTE has the right to check the ticket.

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