Khagaria District Council President Krishna Yadav and former MLA Ranveer Yadav were sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment, accused of demanding extortion.

Khagaria. Zilla Parishad chairperson and her husband former MLA Ranveer Yadav have been sentenced to three years in prison in a case of extortion. The ACJM court of Khagaria has sentenced both of them to three years’ imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 10,000. After the decision, former MLA Ranveer Yadav said that Krishna Yadav was going to be a candidate in the Lok Sabha elections and a conspiracy has been hatched to stop him from contesting the elections. After the court’s decision, Krishna Yadav is in danger of losing his position. According to government rules, a person convicted by the court cannot hold the post of District Council President. Therefore, if the upper court does not stop the punishment in time, then Krishna Yadav may lose his seat.

FIR was registered in 2005

Khagaria ACJM Court has given this punishment to Ranveer Yadav and his wife Krishna Yadav in an 18 year old case of demanding extortion. In 2005 itself, a person named Alok Talukdar had filed an FIR against Ranveer Yadav and Krishna Yadav in Khagaria police station. It was alleged that Krishna Yadav and Ranveer Yadav had demanded extortion from them over phone. In this case, the police had reported in the court that there was no evidence. But the court of ACJM Vibha Rani, which is hearing the case, has sentenced both of them to three years of imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 10,000 each. After the court’s punishment, the chair of Zilla Parishad President may be snatched away from Krishna Yadav.

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Conspiracy to end political career

Talking to local media on this issue, Ranveer Yadav said that this is a conspiracy to end the political career of me and my wife. Ranveer Yadav said that there is no evidence in this case. A person named Alok Talukdar had filed a case of extortion against unknown people on May 22, 2005. Ranveer Yadav said that during the hearing of the case in the court, Alok Talukdar had only accepted the fact of giving the application and said that he had given the application against the unknown in the police station on the instructions of his staff. Three out of five witnesses in the case did not support the allegations. The police also did not confirm the allegations and said that no evidence was found. Despite this, the sentence has been pronounced. Ranveer Yadav said that he will present all the matters in the higher court and is confident that he will be proved innocent.

Demand to cancel membership

After the decision from the court, Khagaria District Council Area No. 8 representative Deepak Kumar has demanded legal action from the Khagaria DM. The same has asked the District Council President to immediately suspend the convicted Krishna Yadav. In this regard, Deepak Kumar held a press conference and gave detailed information about the entire matter. Deepak Kumar said that the current Zilla Parishad President Krishna Yadav is convicted in a previous extortion case and under the Panchayati Raj Act, such people cannot hold constitutional posts, but despite being convicted, Krishna Yadav is still on his post, which the court says. Is disregarded. The court has clearly said that action will be taken in this matter. Therefore, Khagaria District Magistrate should take cognizance of the said matter and take appropriate action. We demand it.

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