UP Cabinet Expansion: OP Rajbhar-Dara Singh Chauhan will get good news in Navratri! Preparation for cabinet expansion

UP Cabinet Expansion: A big change may soon be seen in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. Speculations regarding the expansion of Yogi cabinet have once again become very intense. It is being said that this time during Navratri, cabinet expansion of Yogi government is certain. Complete preparations have been made for this and the top leadership of BJP has also put its seal of approval on it. After Pitru Paksha, cabinet expansion will be done on the auspicious days of Navratri. Although this expansion will be very small. The news of expansion of Yogi cabinet has been in the headlines many times before, possible dates for this have been fixed many times, but it proved to be just speculation. However, this time in view of the Lok Sabha elections 204, the cabinet expansion is considered certain. It is being said that Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party President Om Prakash Rajbhar will be made a minister in the Yogi cabinet during Navratri. Along with him, there is speculation that Dara Singh Chauhan, who left SP and joined BJP some time ago, will also be made a minister.

Dara Singh Chauhan kept circling Delhi after the defeat

Dara Singh Chauhan has lost to SP candidate Sudhakar Singh from his own seat in Ghosi by-election of Mau district. This defeat was being said to be a big political blow for him, because it is being said that he will join the cabinet after being a completely BJP MLA. For this reason, after meeting Amit Shah, he had resigned from Ghosi assembly seat while he was an MLA. However, he got a huge shock with the results of the by-elections.

Despite BJP’s best efforts, Dara Singh Chauhan could not prove his credibility before the voters. Despite this, he did not give up his efforts and was successful in getting decisions in his favor in the meetings with the top leadership of BJP. It is being said that despite the defeat in the Yogi cabinet expansion from Delhi, it has been confirmed that he will be given a place. For this, help of Legislative Council can be taken. After sending Dr. Dinesh Sharma to Rajya Sabha, Dara Singh Chauhan can be made the candidate on the Legislative Council seat vacant due to his resignation.

Preparation to oust some ministers

Meanwhile, there is also discussion in the political circles that some people may be dropped from the Yogi cabinet. It is being said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is not satisfied with the working style of some ministers. In such a situation, new faces can be given a chance in the government, so that both the government and the party benefit from their good work. Amidst the discussion about cabinet expansion, many party leaders are meeting the top leadership in Delhi to make equations in their favor. However, there is little possibility that many people may get a chance in the cabinet. Still, the leaders are trying their best. It is being said that the top leadership of BJP has given its green signal regarding the cabinet expansion to be held during Navratri.

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Om Prakash Rajbhar will become minister for the second time

If Om Prakash Rajbhar is given a place in this possible cabinet expansion, he will become a minister in the second term of the Yogi government also. Before this, he had been a minister in the first term of the Yogi government. However, later he distanced himself from NDA and formed an alliance with Samajwadi Party. Om Prakash Rajbhar had been attacking Akhilesh Yadav since the experiment was not successful in the assembly elections. Later, after meeting Amit Shah, he again joined NDA. He has given statements many times regarding his and Dara Singh Chauhan’s appointment as ministers.

Impact of Bihar’s caste census will be visible in Yogi cabinet

It is being said that despite the defeat of Dara Singh Chauhan, the party leadership wants to include him in the cabinet, so that the political equations of the Lok Sabha elections can be settled. In fact, the BJP leadership is trying hard to woo Rajbhar and Nonia voters. Therefore, despite the defeat, he is in favor of making Dara Singh a minister. Especially after the results of caste based census in Bihar were made public, this issue has become heated in the country and also in the state. In such a situation, considering the number of backward and extremely backward castes, BJP also does not want to leave any stone unturned in helping them. However, some people in the party say that despite the defeat, making Dara Singh Chauhan a minister will not send a good message to the workers. The way Ghosi’s people gave a crushing defeat to Dara Singh Chauhan, it is a clear message that the people did not like his switching parties for his own political gains. In such a situation, the party may have to suffer loss due to the appointment of Dara Singh Chauhan as minister.

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Tickets of many MPs will be cut, ministers of Yogi government will get a chance

Meanwhile, many ministers and MLAs of the state government are said to be in the race for tickets for the Lok Sabha elections. According to political analysts, it is considered certain that the tickets of many present MPs will be cut in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. In the internal survey of the party, his report card has not been considered good. Apart from this, there is talk of not giving tickets to Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi. The way Varun Gandhi continues to be an attacker against the BJP government, it is certain that the party will not give him a ticket this time. Varun Gandhi’s statements have also given rise to such speculations. In such a situation, the party is looking for new faces in the seats where report cards of BJP MPs have not come.

Many ministers and MLAs have also presented their claims for this. It is believed that these people can present a challenge to the sitting MPs. Among these, Public Works Department Minister Jitendra Prasad can be fielded by BJP from Pilibhit this time. Apart from this, there is talk of fielding Minister of State with Independent Charge of Social Welfare Department, Aseem Arun, from Etawah Lok Sabha seat. Similarly, there is speculation that Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh will be made a candidate in the Lok Sabha elections from Firozabad. There is talk of giving ticket to an MLA on Mathura seat also. If this happens then it will be a big decision of the party high command. Current MP Hema Malini has said that she will not contest elections from anywhere other than Mathura.

The special thing is the way the BJP has adopted the strategy in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections and has fielded many MPs and has canceled the tickets of many famous faces, it is certain that the party can take such a decision in Uttar Pradesh also. . In such a situation, the heartbeats of many MPs are already fast. It is being said that some leaders may look for possibilities in other parties if they do not get tickets.

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