karmita kaur mms video leaked after kulhad pizza couple social media influencer breaks silence says mujhe ispar bilkul personal life slt | Karmita Kaur MMS Leaked: Who is Karmita Kaur, whose MMS video was leaked, social media star said

Kulhar Pizza couple’s video was leaked

The popular joint from Jalandhar became famous for its unique pizza in 2022. With time, the couple became a well-known name on social media and in Punjab, but all the popularity turned into a nightmare after their private MMS got leaked online. At first, Sahaj Arora refused to call the clip authentic and claimed that it was AI-generated, but hardly anyone believed him. After this both of them lodged a complaint in the matter, meanwhile, the police also made an arrest in the incident. However, that didn’t stop the couple’s name from appearing in almost all the headlines as they continued to urge netizens to stop sharing ‘AI-generated’ videos on the internet. Recently, Arora claimed that the couple is facing ‘political pressure’ to change their statement and sought people’s support. The couple also had a son just a few weeks ago. After which both are spending time.

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