Weather Alert: There may be rain in these states during festivals, Meteorological Department’s alert, know where it will rain

Weather Update Today: Monsoon has bid farewell to most parts of the country, and the weather is returning rapidly from many states. During this time it is also raining at some places. The Meteorological Department says that the weather patterns in the country are changing rapidly. There is a difference in the temperature in the morning and evening. Now the temperature in the morning and evening is falling in many states including Delhi, UP, Jharkhand. The harshness in the air has also started increasing. Here the Meteorological Department has said that there may be rain in some states in the coming one or two days. IMD has said that there is a possibility of light rain in Delhi-NCR, UP and hilly state Uttarakhand. There is a possibility of cloudy sky and drizzle in Delhi also.

Weather system forming across the country
According to Skymet Weather, the latest western disturbance is expected to reach near the Western Himalayas on October 14. Apart from this, a cyclonic circulation is forming over Telangana and is connecting with coastal Andhra Pradesh. Due to this, in the last 24 hours, light to moderate rain occurred in South Interior Karnataka and Interior Tamil Nadu along with heavy rain at some places. Light rain and sporadic snowfall occurred in the Western Himalayas. Scattered light to moderate rain with isolated hailstorm occurred in North Punjab. Apart from this, light to moderate rain was seen in north-eastern Bihar, north-eastern India and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

It may rain in these areas during the next 24 hours
According to Skymet Weather, light to moderate rain with isolated heavy falls may occur over Coastal Karnataka, North Kerala and South Interior Karnataka during the next 24 hours. Light to moderate rain is possible over Northeast India, Sikkim, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Light rain is possible in Western Himalayas, Goa and Rayalaseema.

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Where can it rain today?
The Meteorological Department says that there may be heavy rain in the northeastern states of Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya and some parts of West Bengal. At the same time, there may be light to moderate rain at some places in Arunachal Pradesh and Jharkhand. There is a possibility of rain in Shimla, Mandi and many other districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is noteworthy that the festive season is going on in the country. Durga Puja, Diwali and Chhath festival. In such a situation, there is a possibility that rain in some areas may disrupt the festival.

winter will knock soon
Monsoon has completely departed from many states including Rajasthan, Delhi, UP. The temperature is also changing rapidly in these states. Kankani is being felt in the air in the morning and evening. However, due to the bright sunshine during the day, there is a feeling of heat in the atmosphere. But in the evening the temperature is falling below average. The Meteorological Department estimates that by October 15, winter will begin in most of the states of North India.

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