Sports culture is important

In the world of sports in India, cricket has always had the upper hand. Every now and then, whenever there were international events like the Olympics or the Asian Games, the country, the hero of cricket, had to look sideways. Many people had assumed that India plays other games just for the sake of playing. But now the history of Indian sports has started taking a turn. At a time when the One Day Cricket World Cup is being held in India, the Prime Minister of the country is honoring the athletes who returned from the recently concluded Asian Games. These also included male and female cricketers, who won two gold medals in China. Indian players winning 107 medals in the Hangzhou Asian Games will prove to be a milestone in the sports history of India, from where India should only be expected to go further.

There are two big reasons for this. First, these Indian players will prove to be role models for the new generation. Secondly, the government is increasingly serious about sports in the country. The Prime Minister also made a big announcement while honoring the players who made the country proud in the Asian Games. It is said that the government will spend Rs 3,000 crore in the next five years to promote sports in the country. Modern basic facilities for sports are being created in every corner of the country. Lack of money will not hinder the efforts of the players. This assurance given by the Prime Minister will boost the morale of every countryman who is passionate about devoting his life to sports.

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A major reason for sports culture not flourishing in a country like India has been the lack of basic facilities. If India has to compete with the superpowers of the sports world, then it will have to arrange sports facilities similar to those of those countries. The government has paid attention to this in the last few years, the results of which are beginning to be seen. These include schemes like Khelo India, which was started five years ago, and TOPS, which was started nine years ago keeping the Olympics in mind. However, management problems of sports federations and challenges of doping also persist. Along with efforts to promote sports, efforts should also be made to solve these challenges. With these combined efforts, sports culture will flourish in the country and India’s name will be included in the forefront in the world of sports.

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