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Aaj Ka Rashifal 13 October Friday 2023: People of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces will get success, today’s horoscope.

Today’s Almanac: Friday 13 October 2023

Ashwin Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi night-09:29 after Amavasya

Shri Shubh Samvat-2080, Shake-1945, Hijri Year-1444-45

Sunrise Lucknow -06:08

Sunset Lucknow-17:36

Moonrise Lucknow- 04:38

Moonset Lucknow- 17:00

Auspicious time Abhijeet Lucknow : 11:29 − 12:15

Nakshatra during sunrise – After Uttara Phalgun Hasta, Yoga-Brahm, Karan-Bha.

Planetary Thoughts at Sunrise – Sun-Virgo, Moon-Virgo, Mars-Libra, Mercury-Virgo, Jupiter-Aries, Venus-Leo, Saturn-Aquarius, Rahu-Aries, Ketu-Libra

Today’s calendar: Choghadiya Friday

Know about Choghadiya with accurate Choghadiya list and determine the most auspicious time of the day. If you are starting something new or going on a journey, then with Choghadiya you can predetermine today’s auspicious time or best time. As the name suggests, Choghadiya, which is the Vedic Hindu calendar, consists of ‘four clocks’ of 96 minutes, with each clock equal to 24 minutes.

Variable from 06:07 am to 07:33 am (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities will be auspicious)

07:33 AM to 08:59 AM Profit (Start new business, education)

08:59 am to 10:25 am Amrit (all types of work – especially milk product related)

10:25 am to 11:51 am (machine, construction and agricultural activities)

Afternoon: Auspicious from 11:51 to 01:37 (marriage, religious, education activities)

Afternoon: 01:37 to 02:43 pm Disease (debate, competition, dispute settlement)

Udveg (Government related work) from 02:43 pm to 04:09 pm

Evening: 04:09 to 05:35 pm Chara (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities)


Remedy: Worship Lord Ganapati. Also donate green fodder to the cowshed.

Aradhana: Om Saumyarupaya Vidmahe Vaneshay Dhimahi Tannau Saumyaah Prachodayat.

Auspicious time for shopping:

09:00 am to 10:30 am

Rahu Kaal Lucknow: 10:26 am to 11:52 pm

direction-southwest and west

  • Mesh- Today will be moderately fruitful for you. Today there is also a possibility of you being honored by the government. Those who are thinking of changing employment, then postpone it for some time, you will spend today with your friends.

    Lucky Number-1 Lucky Color- Green

  • Taurus- Today will be a very busy day for you. Today you will see new work one after another in your business. Today you can also participate in some auspicious function with your family members. Today students can get success.

    Lucky number-6 Lucky color-yellow

  • Gemini- Today will be a day full of expenses for you, hence you need to control your extravagance. If you are suffering from any disease, your sufferings may also increase today. Some Harshvardhan news will be heard from the children’s side.

    Lucky number-2 Lucky color-blue

  • Cancer- Today will be extremely fruitful for you. Today you will get the best results of your work. Today you will have to pay attention to your mother’s health. If you are thinking of doing some new work today, you can do it.

    Lucky Number- Lucky Color- Saffron

  • Lion- Today will be a mixed day of results for you. If you were having any grudge against someone from your in-laws. You will be successful in completing all your work with the advice of your parents. You have to maintain the sweetness of your speech.

    Lucky number-7 Lucky color-Purple

  • Virgo- Today will be a day full of hard work for you. Today you will have to complete your difficult tasks courageously. Students will have to concentrate unitedly on their studies. Today you will also have to invest in your money related plans.

    Lucky number-4 Lucky color-red

  • Libra- Today will bring positive results for you. If students have devotion and loyalty towards their Guru, they will get benefits today. In business today you will get financial benefits through new means. You can also go on the journey of God with your parents.

    Lucky number-9 Lucky color-orange

  • Scorpio- Today your mind will be a little distracted. Do not be hasty in making efforts for growth and discretion in business. Today you may have a dispute with an enemy. Some stressful things may happen with your spouse today.

    Lucky Number-3 Lucky Color- White

  • Sagittarius- Today will be your day spent in charity work. Today you will also spend some money on your luxuries. Today you may have to arrange some money for one of your relatives. There will be an increase in the education and knowledge of students today.

    Lucky number-8 Lucky color-sky blue

  • Capricorn- Today will be the day to get your valuable items. Today you may face some unnecessary expenses. You will have to concentrate on bigger plans of your business. You will have to avoid taking any hasty decision.

    Lucky Number-2 Lucky Color- Gray

  • Aquarius- Today will bring auspicious results in the decisions taken with your wisdom and discretion. Today, if you take any decision related to your home or job, then do it with wisdom and discretion. Today you can go on a long distance journey related to your child’s marriage.

    Lucky Number-5 Lucky Color- Red

  • Pisces- Today is going to be a normal day for you. Today your relationship with your brothers will be strong. Today your social position and prestige will also increase. Today you will spend the day with your family. You can also organize a puja at your home.

    Lucky number-1 Lucky color- Purple

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