VIDEO: Mexico’s Senate President tied Rakhi to PM Modi, PM gave blessings, watch video

Mexico’s Senate President Ana Lilia Rivera tied ‘Rakhi’ on the hand of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the G-20 Parliamentary Chairs Summit (P20) today i.e. on Friday. Officials said Rivera tied ‘Rakhi’ to Prime Minister Modi and the Prime Minister also gave him his blessings. Addressing the inaugural session of the ninth G20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit (P20), Modi said terrorism anywhere in the world and in any form is against humanity and no one benefits from conflicts.

PM Modi also said that this is the time for peace and brotherhood, because a divided world cannot provide solutions to major global challenges. G20 members and Speakers of Parliaments of the invited countries are participating in this program. During this P20 summit, sessions will focus on four themes related to public digital platforms, women-led development, accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and transforming people’s lives by moving towards sustainable energy.

No one benefits from war – PM Modi

Here, in P20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday amidst Israel-Hamas war that wherever there is terrorism in the world, in whatever form it is, it is against humanity and no one is going to benefit from conflicts. Modi stressed that this is the time for peace and brotherhood as a divided world cannot solve major global challenges. The Prime Minister was addressing the inaugural session of the ninth G20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit here. On this occasion, he called for ending the crisis in global trust and moving forward with a human-centric approach.

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The Prime Minister said that today no one is untouched by whatever is happening in different parts of the world. Today the world is facing crises like conflicts and wars. This world full of crises is not in anyone’s interest. A divided world cannot provide solutions to the major challenges facing humanity. He said, this is the time of peace and brotherhood, time to walk together, time to move forward together. This is the time for development and welfare of all. We have to overcome the crisis of global trust and move forward on human-centric thinking.

Although the Prime Minister did not mention any specific crisis or issue, his comments came amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. In which a large number of people have died. At the same time, PM Modi also called for adopting a strict stance to deal with terrorism. He said, as you know India has been facing cross border terrorism for decades. Terrorists have killed thousands of innocent people in India. Near the new Parliament building you will also see the old Parliament of India. About 20 years ago, terrorists also targeted our Parliament. And you will be shocked to know that Parliament was in session at that time. He said, the preparations of the terrorists were to take the MPs hostage and to eliminate them. India has reached here today after dealing with many such terrorist incidents.

Modi said that now the world is also realizing how big a challenge terrorism is for the world. He said that no matter where terrorism happens, for whatever reason, in whatever form it happens, it is against humanity. In such a situation, we all will have to be continuously strict regarding terrorism. Modi said that it is very sad that there is no consensus on the definition of terrorism. Modi said that even today the United Nations is waiting for consent for an international treaty to deal with terrorism… The enemies of humanity are taking advantage of this attitude of the world.

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