Are you a samosa lover? But if you are afraid of obesity then eat hot samosas like this

Delicious samosas are a perfect choice for special occasions as well as evening tea and conversations with people. Some people like to eat samosas every day but its ingredients and cooking method make it an unhealthy snack option but if you are avoiding samosas to lose weight then do not lose heart, adopt these measures.

Make your favorite samosas healthy

It is natural for those on weight loss to stay away from samosas due to the high carbs and trans fat content, however, samosa lovers can find healthy ways. One can change the ingredients and adopt a cooking method that can make your favorite samosas healthy.

The delicious crispy exterior and delicious filling of samosas make it delicious. However, traditional deep fried samosas cannot be your companion for weight control but making a few changes can enhance its taste and health benefits.

Airfryer option

There are healthier ways to enjoy samosas. Opt for baking or air frying. Deep-frying samosas contain a lot of fat and calories. By choosing to bake or air fry, you save calories and fat while maintaining the outer crispiness. can significantly reduce the amount of

fill something new in the filling

Fill something new in the filling: The filling of potatoes and peas with peanuts is a traditional filling but you can increase the amount of protein by reducing the amount of carbohydrate in it. For this, you can fill it with lean protein like chicken, turkey or tofu. Include vegetables like spinach, bell peppers and carrots to increase fiber and nutrients.

Whole grains instead of flour

Use of whole grains instead of flour: Flour is not good for health, so instead of flour, choose whole grains or whole wheat wrappers. They are high in fiber, which helps in digestion, keeps you satiated for longer and helps in better coordination with weight loss goals.

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making small samosas

Making small samosas: If you feel like eating samosas, then instead of keeping the size of samosas big, make small samosas. So you can have better control over your portions and get taste without consuming more calories

Samosas with Healthy Dip

Serve samosas with healthy dip: Instead of sweet tamarind chutney or creamy dip, try serving samosas with healthy sides like coriander or mint chutney, curd dip or fresh salad. This increases the taste and provides additional nutrients instead of extra calories. You can enjoy samosas by making healthy changes without compromising on its taste.

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