Enrollment of 19076 students canceled in this district of Bihar, know how to get a chance for admission again

In Kaimur district of Bihar, the Education Department has canceled the enrollment of a total of 19076 students of the district in the last four-five days due to not coming regularly. Before deducting the names, the parents of the students were informed about this and were asked to send their children to school regularly. But neither the students nor the parents took this seriously. After which the management has identified such students and taken action against them and struck off their names. Similarly, every day the enrollment of dozens of students is being canceled by the school in the district, the list of which is also being made available to the Block Education Officer. The Block Education Officer is providing the list related to cancellation of enrollment of students daily to the district and district departments.

Those whose enrollment is canceled in class 10th and 12th will be deprived of the annual examination.

On the orders of the Additional Chief Secretary, the Education Department is running a continuous campaign and the enrollment of students who do not come to school for 15 days is being cancelled. If we look at the figures of canceled enrollment of students in schools so far on the orders of the Education Department, action has been taken to cancel the enrollment of 2586 students in class 10th and 815 in class 12th, that is, the students whose enrollment was canceled Is. Such students will also be deprived of the annual examination to be held this year. However, the department has ordered that students who do not attend school 75 percent of the time, their examination form will not be filled, nor will they appear in the annual examination. But, even before this, major action has been taken by the school. The enrollment of more than three thousand students studying in matriculation and 12th class in the district has been cancelled.

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Highest number of nominations of 10th and 5th class students were cancelled.

In the list related to cancellation of enrollment of students being sent to the department by the Education Department, till now the maximum number of enrollments in the district have been canceled of students studying in 10th and 5th class. According to the report sent by the Education Department, enrollment of 2586 students in class 10th has been canceled so far. At the same time, enrollment of 2078 students in class five has been cancelled. The enrollment of 598 students studying in the lowest class 1 has been cancelled.

Panic among students due to cancellation of enrollment in Matric and 12th

Even among the students who completed their courses with the help of coaching institutes instead of going to school, there is panic in view of the continuous action of cancellation of enrollment by the school management and the students are looking restless that the coaching is being conducted on school time. Do coaching or go to school and study. This is a situation of confusion among the students. It is noteworthy that the coaching operators of the district are taking classes for matriculation and intermediate students throughout the day. Here, due to timely coaching of the school, there is confusion among the students whether to study in coaching or go to school to study.

You will get one chance after giving affidavit

After getting information about deletion of names from the school, many parents started reaching the school. Parents requested to add the names of children again. On which they were told by the school management that if they give an affidavit giving information about sending the children to school regularly, then the names of the children will be added back. But after the name is added, the children will have to come to school regularly. If the children do not come to school regularly even after giving the affidavit, their names will not be added again.

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KK Pathak had issued an order to strike off the names of absent children.

It is noteworthy that recently, an order was given by Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak to increase the attendance of students in schools. In the instructions issued, it was said that if students are not coming to school for three consecutive days, then such students will be marked and notice will be given. Even after the notice, if the students are not coming to school for 15 days, then action should be taken against such students and action should be taken to cancel the enrollment. Here, after the order by the department, the list of students who are absent from school is being canceled daily and the list is being made available to the department.

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