Israel vows to destroy Hamas, Biden and Putin face to face! Know what was said…

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden On Israel-Palestine Conflict: There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas. Attacks are being made on each other from both sides. In this war that has been going on for about seven days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that nothing will be left of Hamas. While efforts are being made by Israel to completely destroy Hamas, Hamas is also continuously adopting an aggressive stance. While on one hand America has openly supported Israel, on the other hand Russia is condemning Israel’s actions.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is worse than the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Joe Biden said in his address at ‘Hydrogen Hubs’ in Philadelphia, “The more we learn about this attack, the more horrifying it appears.” More than a thousand innocent people have been killed, including 27 Americans.” He said, ”Even Al Qaeda seems okay in comparison to them. These are devils. As I have been saying from the beginning, America is not making a mistake on this, it is with Israel.

“We are making sure Israel has everything it needs to defend itself and respond to attacks,” he said. My priority is also to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Joe Biden said that on his instructions his team is working in this area and is working with the governments of Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries and the United Nations to help Israel. Communicating directly with the nation. He said, “We cannot ignore the fact that a significant portion of the Palestinian population has nothing to do with Hamas and its attacks.” Today I spoke for more than an hour on a Zoom call with all the American families whose family members are missing.

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At the same time, Russia has said on this matter that the attitude adopted by Israel towards revenge is cruel. He has also condemned it. Russian President Putin has said that not all the people living in Gaza are supporters of Hamas. Putin further said, of course, Israel faced a dangerous attack, which has never happened in history, not only in its scale, but also in its nature, its cruelty. We should call things as they are. Israel is responding in a big way.

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