Israel War: Forget food and water, the only worry is whether you are alive… and Palestinian spokesperson cried

Israel Hamas War: The Israeli army has asked at least one million Palestinians to vacate northern Gaza and move towards the far south, after which Palestinians have started fleeing the area in large numbers. Amidst Israel’s warning, the fear of ground action has increased. Amid the ongoing attacks by Israel on Friday, people loaded their cars, trucks and mules with family members and some essential items and set out towards the main roads in the south. The media team of Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas said that war planes targeted cars going south, killing more than 70 people traveling in them.

IDF action continues

Israel’s military said its troops carried out temporary raids in Gaza to flush out militants and search for about 150 people abducted following Hamas’ attack on Israel nearly a week ago. The army said in its evacuation order that it plans to target underground Hamas bases in the area around Gaza City. But Palestinian and Egyptian officials fear that Israel actually wants to expel the people of Gaza from the southern border with Egypt.

Israel stopped food and water

The United Nations has urged Israel to withdraw its directive. But Israel’s military said it planned to target Hamas underground bases around Gaza City. Hamas has appealed to the people to ignore the evacuation instructions. There is uncertainty among families in Gaza about whether to stay in the area or leave. Israeli forces have destroyed large parts of the neighborhood and cut off food, water and medical supplies to Gaza.

No food and no drinking water – Nebal Farsakh

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“Forget about food, forget about electricity and fuel,” Nebal Farsakh, a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza City, said through tears. The only concern at this time is whether you are going to survive. Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Friday that about 1,900 people in the area have been killed in the week-long war. At the same time, the Israeli government said that more than 1,300 Israelis have been killed in Hamas attacks, most of whom were civilians. According to the government, about 1,500 Hamas militants have also been killed in the war. Israel conducted raids in Gaza on Friday after Hamas attack in southern Israel.

Israel can take ground action

An army spokesman said Israeli soldiers left after the raid. This action of the army did not appear to be the beginning of the ground action that was being feared. After the Israeli Army gave instructions to vacate Northern Gaza, the fear of Israel taking ground action in the area has increased. Israel is increasing the number of troops on the Gaza border. However, no decision has been taken yet on ground attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address on Friday night that we will destroy Hamas.

13 hostages died in bombing-Hamas

Hamas said that 13 hostages, including foreigners, were killed in the heavy bombardment by Israel on the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Israeli Army spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has rejected the news of hostages being killed in air strikes. The public in Israel is in favor of military action. Israeli TV stations have launched special broadcasts with slogans such as “Together we will win” and “Together we will be stronger”. At the same time, the Palestinian Health Ministry in the West Bank said that 16 Palestinians were killed on Friday, after which the number of Palestinians who lost their lives there has increased to 51.

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order to migrate south

The United Nations said that the Israeli army has asked civilians to move towards the far south, which will affect 1.1 million people. If this is implemented, it means that the entire population of the area will have to live in the southern half of the 40 kilometer long strip. Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said that “the army will make every effort to ensure that civilians are not harmed” and that people would be allowed to return once the war ends. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that Israel wants to separate Hamas terrorists and civilians. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said, ‘So those who want to save their lives, please go south.’

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said that ‘the United Nations believes that it is impossible that such an operation can be completed without humanitarian tragedy.’ Hamas’ media office said 70 people were killed in airstrikes at three locations on cars traveling south from Gaza City. There was no immediate statement from the Israeli army on the attacks. The United Nations has estimated that thousands of people have fled the northern region since Friday night.

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