North East accident: Speed ​​of track repair slow, only four trains came to Patna, routes of 55 changed, know updates

Patna. If you are going somewhere by train running in Danapur Railway Division, then check the status of the trains before leaving for the journey. It may happen that you reach the railway station and the train arrives hours late than its scheduled time. After the North East Express accident, this route is disrupted due to maintenance work going on on the DDU-Patna down line. Danapur Division Railway took a seven-hour mega block on Sunday also. Due to this, seven trains including train number 15125 Banaras Patna Jan Shatabdi remained cancelled, while 55 trains were diverted to Patna. On Sunday, only four trains including Delhi-Patna Tejas Rajdhani Express, Buxar-Fatuha MEMU reached Patna from the down line. However, operation of trains on the up line has become normal.

These trains remained canceled

– 15125 Banaras Patna Jan Shatabdi Express

– 22564 Antyodaya Superfast Express

– 03376 Buxar Patna Memu Passenger Special

– 03294 DDU Patna Memu Passenger Special

– 13210 DDU Patna Express

– 03204 DDU Patna Memu Special

– 03289 Banaras Patna Memu Special

Train operations will be affected even today

According to railway officials, after the train accident, maintenance work of train tracks, signals, overhead wires and other maintenance work is going on on the down line around Raghunathpur station. Due to this, the speed of trains has also slowed down, and they are not able to reach the railway stations on time. Trains traveling from Patna Junction are running late by 10 to 24 hours. Train operations on this route may remain disrupted on Monday also.

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Check the status of trains like this

If you are also going to travel by train coming from Danapur division, then first of all download Where is My Train (Where is My Train) in your mobile through Play Store, in it the train number or where you are traveling. You can check the status of trains by entering the code of that railway station, in this you will clearly know how late your train is.

CRS will take information related to evidence on 18th and 19th October

Here, the investigation into the North East Express rail accident near Raghunathpur station of Patna DDU railway section has been intensified. The investigation is ongoing under the leadership of Eastern Circle Railway Safety Commissioner Sumoyov Mitra. In such a situation, if you have information or any kind of evidence related to this incident, then you can inform CRS about it. Railways has appealed to the general public that on 18-19 October, they can reach CRS Mitra at the Railway Officers Club of Officer Colony of Danapur from 9.30 am to 6 pm to give evidence and information.

You can give any information related to the accident here

On behalf of the Railways, it has been said that if anyone wants to give information related to this incident and is unable to come to Danapur, then he can also write a letter to the Commissioner of Railway Safety, Eastern Circle, 14 Strand Road (12th Floor), Kolkata. . The Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway has given this information by issuing a press release. Let us tell you here that while coming from Anand Bihar to Kamakhya, North East Express met with an accident at Raghunathpur on Wednesday, October 11 at 9.53 pm. Four passengers died in the train accident while more than 85 people were injured.

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