Nithari case: High Court acquitted Surendra Koli and Maninder Singh Pandher, had appealed against the death sentence.

Prayagraj News: A big decision has been taken in the much talked about Nithari case of Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad High Court has acquitted Surendra Koli, accused in this case. After a long debate in the court, the court had reserved its decision. The High Court announced its decision on Monday. The court acquitted Surendra Koli. The lower court had sentenced him to death. He had filed a petition against this in Allahabad High Court. Along with this, the court has also acquitted the owner of Kothi D-5, Moninder Singh Pandher. The court of Justice Ashwani Kumar Mishra and Justice SAH Rizvi gave this decision on Monday. Allahabad High Court had reserved its verdict after completion of the arguments of both the parties on the appeals against the death sentence given to Nithari case accused Maninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli. Appeals have been filed in both the High Courts against the death sentence. Various division benches conducted a long hearing of 134 days. Koli is accused of being the caretaker of Pandher Kothi and used to lure girls to the Kothi. Many girls of Nithari village went missing. He used to rape and murder them. He would cut the dead body into pieces and throw it out.

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