central government employees diwali bonus money equal to one months salary will come into the account rjs

The Finance Ministry has informed the Central Government employees about Diwali (Central government employees Diwali Bonus) has announced to give non-productivity linked bonus (ad-hoc bonus). Under this, all eligible employees will get an amount equal to 30 days’ salary. Those non-gazetted employees falling under Group-B and Group-C of the Central Government, who are not covered under any Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme, will also be given this bonus. The benefit of adhoc bonus will also be available to all eligible personnel of central paramilitary forces. These workers will also be eligible: Those who are temporarily appointed on adhoc basis will also get this bonus, provided there is no break in their service. Such employees who have gone out of service, resigned or retired on or before March 31, 2023, will be considered as special cases. Under this, those employees who have invalidly retired or died before March 31 on medical grounds, but have done regular duty for six months in the financial year, will be considered eligible for adhoc bonus.

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