increase in female labor

The story of economic development written by India in the last few decades has attracted the attention of the whole world. Be it the economic recession that started from America in the first decade of this century which engulfed the entire world, or the economic chaos created during the Corona epidemic, India remained on its feet. Even today, when economic superpowers like Germany and China are struggling on the economic front, India is continuously moving on the path of development. The workers here have made the biggest contribution in building this edifice of India’s development. Be it educated skilled professionals or wage laborers, everyone has contributed to development at their own level. But in India a big concern has been expressed regarding women’s labour.

The share of women in total labor has been much less than that of men and this imbalance has been a cause for concern. But, a recent report has indicated progress in this direction. A report by the Union Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation states that the participation of women workers in the total labor force of the country has increased by 4.2 percent to 37 percent. In 2019, the year before the Corona epidemic, 21 percent of women in India were working or looking for work. The Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development says that this increase has been possible due to the policy efforts of the government aimed at the socio-economic and political development of women. These figures regarding increase in female labor participation are encouraging, but the challenges are huge.

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Like India, the whole world recognizes the strength of China in terms of development. Like India, the edifice of development in China was built on the foundation of huge labor there. But China is far ahead of India in terms of female labour. 65 percent women work in China. This participation is even higher in western and developed countries. It has also been said in some reports that India’s neighbors Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also have a better percentage of working women than us. India wants to become a developed country by the year 2047. Now the time has come that to increase women’s labor participation, attention should be paid to improving the facilities and environment at their workplaces, including education.

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