Israel Hamas War: Israel has killed three top commanders of Hamas so far

Israel Hamas War: Today is the tenth day of war between Israel and Hamas. After the attack by Hamas, Israel is carrying out rapid airstrikes in Gaza. On the ninth day of the war, Israel targeted many more positions of Hamas. According to the news, another top Hamas commander Bilal Al Kedra was killed in an Israeli army airstrike. It was under his leadership that Israel was attacked last week. So far, about three top commanders of Hamas have been killed. Meanwhile, Palestinian citizens in Gaza have been deprived of even basic necessities. Thousands of people of Gaza are trying to follow Israel’s order to evacuate the northern area. The migration of people continues. Thousands of people of Gaza are struggling for safe haven.

Meanwhile, Israel has stopped the bombardment of Gaza for 5 hours and has asked people to move from the northern part to southern Gaza. Amidst the bombing in the Gaza Strip, employees working for the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said on Sunday that the situation there is very bad. Appealed for immediate supply of food grains, water and medicines to children, pregnant women and the elderly. Rawia Halas, head of the UNRWA shelter in Khan Yunis, Gaza, said in a video that please save Gaza. I beg you, save Gaza. It is dying. Thousands of families living in northern Gaza are moving towards safer places.

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