America’s entry in Israel Hamas War! President Joe Biden is reaching Tel Aviv tomorrow, Lebanon attacked

Israel Hamas War Updates: The war between Israel and Hamas is becoming more fierce with time. Gaza Strip is trembling due to the attack of Israeli army. Big buildings have become debris. In such a situation, American President Joe Biden is coming to Israel tomorrow i.e. on Wednesday. America stands like a rock with Israel in the war against Hamas. Israel is getting full support from America. Two of its fleets are already deployed near Israel, now another fleet is arriving to help Israel. The consignment of weapons and military equipment has already reached Israel.

Biden will reach Tel Aviv tomorrow

America can also help Israel militarily in the war against Hamas. On the orders of the US government, about 2000 American soldiers have been alerted. As soon as orders are received from the Americans, these soldiers will attack their target. Israel is getting full support from America in this war. America has said many times that as long as America is there, it will not leave Israel. Now US President Joe Biden is coming to Israel to fulfill this promise.

America stands with Israel- Biden

US President Joe Biden has said that he is going to Tel Aviv to show solidarity with Israel. America is considered a very close friend of Israel. America provides weapons and other war materials to Israel. America is also playing an important role in the war with Hamas. He has given a stern warning to Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and other Mediterranean countries, saying that there is no need to get into this war. The American war fleet that came to help Israel is very powerful. This could prove costly for the entire army of many countries. In such a situation, which country would want such a huge power to explode in its country?

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Will also meet the President of Jordan and Egypt

Giving information, the White House said that apart from Israel, President Biden will also go to Jordan for a summit meeting, where he will meet the heads of state of Jordan and Egypt and the President of Palestine. White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said in a statement that President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will visit Israel on Wednesday, October 18, to express his support for Israel and discuss next steps in the wake of the brutal terrorist attack by Hamas. After this he will go to Amman, Jordan, where he will meet Jordan’s Sultan Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas.

Earlier, the US President had spoken on phone with his Egyptian counterpart Al Sisi and Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani, in which they discussed the situation arising in the region after the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel. Biden and Al-Sisi discussed the need for continued coordinated efforts with the United Nations, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Israel, and other regional partners to address the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and to maintain stability in the Middle East more broadly. Was.
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