bengali community and landlords started durga puja in 1923 in the year 2005 temples of bhagwati and kali were established in durga bari kkk

In the year 2005, temples of Bhagwati and Kali were established in Durga Bari. After Durga Bari, puja started at Bhagwati Aaradhya Samiti Rana Chowk, Thana Toli, Upper Bazaar, Tetartar, Amla Toli, Hatiya Garden, Barwatoli, Railway Siding, Maina Bagicha, Patratoli, Block Mod. In rural areas, Durga Puja started being organized through landowning families. Durga Puja also started in Champi, Kudu of Kudu block, Hati, Manho of Sadar block, Murmu of Pesharar, Kisco, Bhandra and Kairo blocks of Kisko block. At present, the idol of Goddess Bhagwati is worshiped by making pandals at more than seven dozen places in the district by various Durga Puja committees.

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