Casting agency and industry treat outsiders step-by-step… Patna’s Abhijeet Sinha sheds pain

Actor Abhijeet Sinha is active in TV, films and web series. The special thing about the journey of Abhijeet Sinha, who has been struggling to create a special identity for himself in the industry for the last decade, is that he left a good corporate job for his passion of acting, Abhijeet says that he is from a middle class family and has a family background. Only after fulfilling the responsibilities could I work to achieve my passion, that is why I came into the industry at the age of 36. I have come quite late, so I have to work harder. Have to run at double speed to stay in the race. Here is a conversation with Urmila Kori…

What has been your background?

I was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar. After graduation, I came to Nagpur, Maharashtra to pursue MBA. After studies, worked in the corporate sector for 12 years. After that I left the job and studied acting from Barry John Acting School. After that Nadira joined Zaheer Babbar’s united drama. Started theater from there and then started getting involved in TV, films and short films.

How did you get involved in acting while working in a corporate job?

The interest in acting did not come suddenly. The hobby was there since college days, but we did not get that much exposure in Patna. We didn’t even know where the theater was. There was no internet in those days. There was very little mention of it even in the newspapers. The culture of our house was also not like this. My father was a teacher. Mother used to work in a bank. Our service class family had a limited circle. I am talking about 1998. A middle class family has a set life like studies, then job and then marriage and children. I did the same, but only after everything was set. Having got my own house in Mumbai, a child and a good job position, I felt that now is the right time to follow my passion. After that I did an acting course.

How much support did your wife have in this decision?

I will give credit to my wife. Whatever is my achievement today. My wife has a big role in that. She also works in the corporate sector. Still do. He said that you should follow your passion, if you feel that this is what you have to do and you can achieve something in it. I will take care of the house and everything. It has been ten years today. My struggle in acting still continues, but his support remains intact.

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When did you get the first opportunity?

There was a serial on TV called Fear Files. In that, they wanted a non-actor for the role of a Navy officer, whom no one knows and who looks like an Army officer. That was my first role and then I did small roles in TV. Again associated with the famous TV show Crime Patrol. I have been a part of more than 150 episodes there. Savdhaan India also did. I think all the crime shows on TV. I have done almost everything. From 2014 to 2019, I did almost every crime show. The film Invisible came in 2018, in which I made my debut in films. After that, he started being a part of films like Junglee, Chup, Hotel, Azam, Purvanchal Files, Tumse Na Ho Payega, Kaala. I was also a part of the Inside Edge web series. A web series titled ‘Coach Sir’ has been made on Bihar’s hockey coach Harinder Singh, I have also worked in it, but it was never released. Is in legal trouble. Dehati Boy will be on Amazon Prime Video.

How much benefit have you received from the entry of OTT space?

There has been no difference as an actor. There also, only those who have good experience in theater or films get a chance in the lead. Yes, it is a good thing that the dependence on theaters has ended. Because of which new people are also able to dare to make films. Films have started being made even in small states and the local artists there are starting to get opportunities. Because of OTT it seems that it will be released.

Apart from acting, are you associated with any other genre of films?

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I am also active as a scriptwriter since 2017. Has written and directed more than 12 short films. I also write songs. I have just completed one of my web series. Apart from this, I have also been active as a book and anthologist and voice over artist.

Has it ever happened that you kept on getting a good role?

This has happened to me many times. I would like to tell you that there used to be a serial, Beyhadh. The one with Jennifer Winget. There was a scene in which Kushal Punjabi is beaten by a policeman. Jennifer kills that police officer. That track was a huge hit. I was the policeman. After that I was called to make an agreement that we want to give this role in the show for six months. He wanted to bring that character back. When I reached office the next day, I came to know that the casting director had left the show last night and her assistant was now handling the show and had given the role to her boyfriend in my place. This has happened to me many times in films too. The casting agency selects you after the audition and blocks your dates for shooting and then you come to know that a familiar face has taken that role on the spot. You had blocked dates for that project, so you have not taken up any other work either. Well, this must have happened with every outsider. I’m not the only one. There has been step-motherly treatment from the casting agency and the industry.

How much connection do you still have with Bihar?

My house is still in Kankarbagh, Bihar. My parents keep coming and going. My in-laws and father-in-law live in Gola Road, Patna, so we visit once or twice a year. Well, not only the state of Bihar, but also the people there have a special attachment. Efforts are made to work together with the people of Bihar and UP. Even if he does not give money or gives less. I can at least contribute my efforts to bring forward the language of Bihar and its people.

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