Serious allegation leveled against civil surgeon of Muzaffarpur, health department suspended in this case

Muzaffarpur Civil Surgeon Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma and Kudhani PHC in-charge Dr. Dharmendra Kumar have been accused of giving the contract for cleaning and security of the hospital to a fake agency. The Health Department took action against both of them and suspended them late on Wednesday evening. The headquarters of both the officers has been fixed as Health Department, Patna for the suspension period. During this period they will be given subsistence allowance. The government has suspended both the officers on the recommendation of DM Pranab Kumar.

Suspended on this charge

In the letter of suspension issued by Sudhir Kumar, Joint Secretary to the Government on behalf of the Health Department, it has been said that the agency to which the cleaning contract was given by the Civil Surgeon, had been allotted the work several months ago, but when When the matter came to light, a request was made to the DM for permission and approval on the proposal of allotting a fresh work order by hiding the relevant facts. This is negligence and dereliction of duty in work. Both have been suspended on this charge.

Recommendation to the government to take action on September 2

The DM had recommended to the government on September 2 to take action against the civil surgeon and Kudhani in-charge. Earlier, the DM had got the entire matter investigated by the DDC. DDC had sought clarification from the Civil Surgeon during the investigation, which was not found satisfactory. After this the DM recommended action to the government.

Cleaning work given to agency without tender

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According to the information, the work of cleaning was given to an outsourcing agency under a tender by the District Health Committee. But its tender was canceled in 2019. After this, the cleaning work was given to another agency without even issuing a tender. Approval was not taken from the DM cum Chairman of the District Health Committee for approval on the file related to the decision of the District Health Committee to give the contract to this agency.

Payments continued to be made to the cleaning agency for four years

It is said that during this period, payments were also made to this cleaning agency for four years. Apart from this, security work was also given to this agency. But there is also an allegation that their security guard is not deployed anywhere.

DM got the investigation done by DDC, it was revealed

Someone accused the DM of wrongly giving the contract of cleaning and security guard in Sadar Hospital to the outsourcing agency. After the complaint, the DM asked for the file of this contract from the District Health Committee and after examining it, there was no approval in it. On this, the DM suspected a scam, so he got the entire matter investigated by DDC Ashutosh Dwivedi. DDC found the allegations to be true in the investigation. After this, the civil surgeon was asked about the reason, but the CS did not find the answers given satisfactory.

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are already controversial

Regarding Civil Surgeon, people say that he has been surrounded by controversies for a long time. Even during Covid-19, he was in the news for reinstatement of manpower and nursing staff through fake and illegal means. After this, a case of illegal reinstatement of 27 employees came to light.

Accusations against Kudhani PHC in-charge right here

Kudhani PHC in-charge Dr. Dharmendra Kumar was also accused, during investigation it was found that in-charge Dr. Dharmendra Kumar also gave the contract of cleaning and security without any order or approval of the senior officer. When this came to light in the investigation, the DM had also recommended action against the Kudhani in-charge.

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