There will be rain of happiness along with money in Navratri, plant these lucky plants in your home today itself.

Plants give happiness and peace

There are many plants which purify the energy of the house and attract positive energy, which brings happiness and peace in life.


The lavender plant attracts good fortune while providing protection from negative energies. These should be kept in front of the house or at any outside place which provides great benefits.

jasmine plant

Jasmine plant fills the entire environment with a beautiful aroma along with its amazing fragrance. According to Feng Shui, jasmine also attracts money. This plant is happiest when placed in indirect sunlight, watered frequently It should be protected from too high temperatures

bamboo plant

Those who want to change their fate into good fortune must plant bamboo sapling in their homes. Bamboo plant has the ability to attract good luck and positive energy, due to which an atmosphere of all is well is created in the house. This plant is not very expensive and it requires moderate amount of light and water.


Some plants are considered very lucky like Pachyphytum and Echeveria elegans. These plants are easy to care for and are happiest with plenty of light. It is very easy to graft the cuttings of these plants. A small branch, or even just a leaf with several of them, will quickly produce roots if placed on top of soil.


Pachira is also a plant of good luck and fortune as per Feng Shui which is even more effective when placed in the wealth corner of your home. Dhan Kona or Wealth Corner is the south-east of any room, house, office or garden. It is a tropical plant which is easy to grow indoors. It can help in changing your luck, be it home or business, it has a positive effect everywhere. With all these qualities, Pachira is also an excellent air purifier.

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prickly pear

If you like cactus species of plants, then definitely plant Prickly Pear at home. Small round cacti with red fruits. Looks like a small crown. This plant should be kept near windows but away from doors. When grown in pots, they will remain small and will not spread over much space.


The sacred plant of Tulsi acts like a magnetic force for good fortune while removing negative energy. Basil needs a lot of sunlight so it does well near windows and its soil should always be moist.

fern plants

As wonderful as fern plants look, they are equally lucky for you. It should be placed near the entrance of the house or office, it not only attracts money but can also invite luck.

jade plant

Jade plant is a symbol of good luck. If you are struggling with financial crunch then definitely make a place for it in your home or office. Keep it at a place where it has no problem in getting plenty of sunlight and moderate amount of water.

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