Trigrahi Yog 2023 in Tula Rashi: Trigrahi Yoga is being formed in Libra, know what effect it will have on the zodiac signs.

Trigrahi Yog 2023 in Tula Rashi Very good chances are being formed for Libra. According to astrology, after the Sun’s Sankranti, Ketu is already sitting with Mars in Libra. The zodiac signs of the planets keep changing within a period. But if three planets sit in one zodiac sign, it is called Trigrahi Yoga. If the influence is with an auspicious planet, then it is very effective in a person’s life. If it is with an inauspicious planet then its influence is troublesome for those who are working in the political field or are high officials. Marital life is affected due to Mars Ketu Sun. But it will have an impact. On October 18, 2023, Trigrahi Yoga will be formed in Libra. Let us know which zodiac sign will prove more beneficial with Trigrahi Yoga.


This yoga is very fruitful for you. Love relationships will improve. There will be progress in education, there is a possibility of progress of children. People who are looking for a new job will get success.


Mother’s health will be fine and you will get the pleasure of vehicle. It is going to be better for love relationships. There are chances of having a child. You will get the benefit of permanent property. Will get promotion in job.


This transit will be very beneficial. It will give better benefits for your career. Your colleagues will cooperate with you during work. Your officers will be happy with you. There will be peace in the family.


During this period, you are going to get some new opportunities in your daily life, your financial condition will be good. The entire outstanding money will be returned. Time will be better for those who are studying higher education.

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All the work will be completed due to your hard work. Religious journey will be possible. This yoga is going to be better for financial condition. You should use your time.


You will get many types of opportunities during work. If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you will be successful and will also get a high position. You will maintain respect in the society.


This period is going to be better for family life. You will get support from brothers and sisters. You will get the benefit of a new vehicle or building.

Astrologer Sanjit Kumar Mishra

Astrology Vastu and Gemstone Expert


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