Video: The bomb fell and his brain came out, a Palestinian child crying told the soul-shattering truth…

Israel and Hamas If anyone is in the most pitiable condition in the latest war, it is the children. When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, it was described as the most dangerous attack on Israel in 50 years. After this attack, Israel is continuously attacking Gaza Strip. Since Gaza Strip It has always been facing many types of economic restrictions, hence the condition of the common people here is worse. This area has always been facing war and the people here have been living a life of poverty. But the kind of tragedy people are facing right now during the war between Israel and Hamas is in no way good for humanity. This viral video of a Palestinian child is telling this truth.

Fear dominates the Palestinian child

These days, a video of a Palestinian child is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which he is seen narrating the tragedy of the attack. The innocent face of the child is expressing his sorrow. He is crying and telling how the bombing is going on. How he had gone under the car to collect the ball and there his nephew got injured in the bombing. Whereas the head of a child in his neighborhood got blown off in the attack and his brain came out of the skull. The child says how can we live here, this is not life. The child’s voice is trembling and fear is on his face. The tragedy he is describing is soul chilling.

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Blockade in Gaza Strip

Article 55 of the Fourth Geneva Convention mandates ensuring that the population of Gaza receives food, medicines and other basic goods, but following the Hamas attack the Israeli government tightened the blockade of the Gaza Strip to ensure the survival of the civilian population. Even essential items should be deprived. This situation is very dangerous for children, because compared to adults, children are not able to withstand the lack of food and water. The situation is such that they are not even able to play outside their house. There are many political implications of the war between Israel and Hamas, but the thing to be noted here is that children are badly affected by this attack and their entire personality will be affected by it in the future.

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